Meet India’s 30 Most Employable Management Graduates from the Class of 2015

In November 2014, we kick-started our Best50 competition. It is an attempt to find the best management graduates from across all Business Schools in India graduating in March-April 2015. The competition involved the students volunteering to be considered for this title. Only those who think they are among the best can actually be the best! The next round involved allowing the best among the applicants to submit a resume and a write-up where they had to answer 5-6 of our questions. This was evaluated by a group of recruiters who have years of experience of recruiting from different MBA campuses in India.

The final result is this – The recruiters have picked the 30 best profiles from all the applicants. Although the mandate was to pick the top 50, the recruiters felt that these 30 were a cut above the rest. In order to maintain the credibility of the competition it was decided to feature only the top 30. In effect, Best50 has turned into Best30. Please note that no interview was conducted. These are the candidates who the recruiters are most keen to meet this year for an interview from among all the applications we received. Their performance could vary once they sit for an interview. (By the way, some of these guys will be receiving calls from some top recruiters this year. We believe the process will start soon 🙂  ) The names and companies of the judges will revealed after the Placement process is over this year in March.

Who are these 30 graduates ?

All candidates below have been chosen as the top 30 most employable candidates across schools and programmes in India for the Class of 2015. They are the best 30 profiles among the 66 final round candidates who qualified in the Best50 competition. The final 30 were chosen based on a combination of scores for the write-up below and the candidate’s resume. The weight to the write-up was slightly higher than the weight to the resume. Some of these are candidates who were featured on earlier and were asked if they wanted to participate. Only those candidates who uploaded their resume and the write-up were considered for evaluation.

They aren’t necessarily people who got the best summer job on campus or are the most popular on their campus. These are individuals who have exhibited one/or many of the following attributes :

– Excellence in one/multiple fields – Academics, Extra-Curricular, Work Experience, Research etc.

– Some of them are people who have fought well in trying circumstances and still done well

– Some are people with different profiles. They have at least attempted something different in life.

The campus-wise results are also a function of participation. Some campuses sent as many as 25 entries where as some campuses had only 1 person participating. Obviously, campuses that sent more entries had a higher probability of having more students in the top 30.

The students have not been ranked in any particular order. Although some students below have truly exceptional profiles, it was decided that all of them would stand equal chance for getting an interview shortlist. Different individuals would then have to deal with different challenges in the interview. However, the following students below have the potential to be the best recruits this year from the Class of 2015 🙂

Click on their images to read their stories

IIM Ahmedabad


Ashima Setia


Read Ashima’s Story here


Akarsh Shrivastava


Read Akarsh’s Story here


Nita Menon (PGPX)


Read Nita Menon’s Story here


Karan Chadha


Read Karan’s Story here


XLRI Jamshedpur

Ritwick Rane


Read Ritwick’s Story here


Mohul Singh


Read Mohul’s Story here


Kunal Agrawal

Kunal (1)

Read Kunal’s Story here


Amitabh Vajpayee


Read Amitabh’s Story here


Suhas Kini


Read Suhas’ Story here


IIM Indore

Salil Aggarwal

Salil Aggarwal

Read Salil’s Story here


Harsh Shah


Read Harsh’s Story here


Kapil Kanungo


Read Kapil Kanungo’s story here


Dhruv Kant Goswami


Read Dhruv’s story here


Anurag Mishra


Read Anurag’s Story here


Pavan Bhambhani


Read Pavan’s story here


Shivani Vishwanath

shivani_icons of iim indore

Read Shivani’s Story here


Bhavaya Gupta


Read Bhavya’s story here


Mayur Mahajan


Read Mayur’s Story here


Nishant SP

Nishant S P_IIM-I

Read Nishant’ s story here


IIM Kozhikode

Ankit Goel


Read Ankit’s story here


IIFT Delhi


Sahil Chhabra

10500433_10152546638279690_2715369960661424985_n (1)

Read Sahil’ s story here


FMS Delhi

Dr.Megha Kundal


Read Megha’s Story here


Manish Singla


Read Manish’s Story here




Vineet Ranade


Read Vineet’s Story here


Ramalingam Subramanian


 Read Ramalingam’s story here

IIM Ranchi


Kunal Dhamija

Kunal Dhamija

Read Kunal’s Story here




Robin Jain

insideiim_best 50

Read Robin’s Story here


IIM Shillong

Gaurav Jain


Read Gaurav’s story here


IIM Bangalore

Dipayan Sinha


Read Dipayan’s story here


NITIE Mumbai

Bharanidharan S

With Fluffy

Read Bharadhinaran’s story here

For all those who have not made it to the list – we want to congratulate you for your effort. Some of you have taken great pains to do a good job for this competition. However, recruiters felt that you needed to build a better profile to make the cut. You could still get calls from a few recruiters who have access to your resumes. We do not guarantee that you will get it. But be rest assured that someone has noticed you.

To the campuses who do not have their representatives on the list – We are sure you will get an opportunity soon. We are convinced that there are absolute gems on your campus.

There is plenty more to come this year. Stay tuned.

Team InsideIIM

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Aanshu Chadha

It is surprising that there are 10 students from IIM Indore and only 1 from comparable bschools e.g. IIM Kozhikode, IIM Bangalore and IIFT Delhi. In fact none from MDI Gurgaon. No surprises actually, the founding team is from Indore

Team Insideiim

Also, no recruiter who evaluated the entries was from IIM Indore. Only the founder at InsideIIM is from IIM Indore. There are people from many schools who are involved with it. Unfortunately, MDI students didn’t participate at all. Even if we want to there is no way we can select people who do not participate. MDI does not share its placement report either due to the fear of being judged. There are more than 70 top notch recruiters who engage with us directly.

Aanshu Chadha

It is unfortunate that not even one mail was floated in MDI. Despite insideiim team has received articles from MDI students. I hadn’t discussed the point of placements. Probably with this article you should mention the participating colleges and number of entries received from each.

Team Insideiim

Mails sent on Nov 7th and Nov 20th. Please check with Mr. Aashish Belwalkar and Mr. Mayank Taparia. And mails weren’t sent in a mass mail. It was sent in an exclusive mail on both occasions. There is consistent history of poor participation from MDI. However, we continue to send opportunities to MDI and its students.


@ Anshu: Why do you even care? How does a website like this make an assessment about the batch and the quality of students for placements?
The way this article seems to be written is as if meant only for students hunting for placements and tries to win over by mentioning “You might be getting calls from some of these companies” Dear insideiim There are functional placement cells in all of these colleges and they attract better companies than you can think of. The placement cells would in-fact send the profiles to the recruiters. Nobody needs your halo to get the calls. You my friend are simply a website and people come here to read articles which would mean something and not to jump into a well led conclusion ” WOW IIM Indore really has 10 students who make the cut, there must be something to them” When infact it could just because of the number of applications sent. You have a history of making articles about numbers and then ending up judging by Quality. You talk about number of alumni’s of various institutes in various companies and then at the footnote end up writing “These are only numbers” Well my dear website some colleges have 100 students graduating while others have 500. How, then can you ever compare the Number of alumni’s and establish that one college offers better opportunities than the other? Linkedin which of course if your source also has a “Total” Number of Alumni from a certain school.. Why don’t you take a minute more and simply put up the total number of alumni as well. That article of yours inevitably ends up making an inference about the placement quality based on quantity. Is that professionalism?