Meet India’s 50 Most Employable Management Graduates From The Class Of 2016

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Exactly a year later with the list of India’s Most Employable Management Graduates from the Class of 2016. The competition – Best 50 – saw participation from top students across schools in India and our esteemed panel of judges – Madhav from Flipkart and Anu from Reckitt Benckiser were amazed by the quality of talent on display. We unveil the 54 (a few people were tied with similar scores and hence 54 and not 50) most employable graduates below.


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We kick-started our Best50 competition last year and had come out with a list of 30 students which you can see here. It is an attempt to find the best management graduates from across all Business Schools in India graduating in March-April each year. The competition was a massive hit and stories like these (Robin Jain) inspired many students across colleges (post-grad and under-grad) across India. This competition helps you stand out. You won’t get filtered out in an excel sheet. 

The competition involves the students volunteering to be considered for this title. Only those who think they are among the best can actually be the best! The next round involves allowing the best among the applicants to submit a resume and a write-up where they had to answer 2-3 of our questions.

All of this happened on our new one-on-one messaging platform Konversations – If you are a campus student reading this, you may want to register under the Recruiter Watch list section.

Please note that no interview was conducted. These 54 are the candidates who the recruiters are most keen to meet this year for an interview from among all the applications we received. Their performance could vary once they sit for an interview.

They aren’t necessarily people who got the best summer job on campus or are the most popular on their campus. These are individuals who have exhibited one/or many of the following attributes :

– Excellence in one/multiple fields – Academics, Extra-Curricular, Work Experience, Research etc.

– Some of them are people who have fought well in trying circumstances and still done well

– Some are people with different profiles. They have at least attempted to do something different in life

The students below have not been ranked in any particular order, they all are honoured with the coveted title of being the Most Employable Manager for the batch of 2016.

However, the following students below have the potential to be the best recruits this year from the Class of 2016 🙂

Click on the link below image to read their story

Surashree Rahane


Read Surashree’s story here

Aniruddha Ghosh

Aniruddha Ghosh_Photo

Read Aniruddha’s story here

Aabir Chatterjee 

Aabir Chatterjee_SIBM Pune

Read Aabir’s story here



Read Charu’s story here

Mrudul Parikh

Mrudul Parikh

Read Mrudul’s story here

Samarth  Kothari

Samarth Kothari

Read Samarth’s story here

Raj Kiran Saraswat


Read Raj’s story here

Anjalee Saxena

Anjalee Saxena_Best 50_Picture

Read Anjalee’s story here

Arpita Yadav


Read Arpita’s story here

Geetanjali Gulati


Read Geetanjali’s story here

Paridhi Bhandari


Read Paridhi’s story here

Roshan Farhan


Read Roshan’s story here

Swathi Veeravilli


Read Swathi’s story here

Tirtha Chatterjee 


Read Tirtha’s story here

Varun Gampa

Varun Gampa

Read Varun’s story here

Aakash Kaku

Aakash Kaku

Read Aakash’s story here

Aditya Agarwal


Read Aditya’s story here

Anandita Rao


Read Anandita’s story here

Anurag Satapathy

Anurag Satapathy

Read Anurag’s story here

Divnay Bhutra


Read Divnay’s story here

Keerthi Lakshmi B R


Read Keerthi’s story here

Mohit Aggarwal

mohit aggarwal

Read Mohit’s story here

Nipun Dhingra


Read Nipun’s story here

Smruti Ranjan Samal


Read Smruti’s story here

Suryaansh Makked


Read Suryaansh’s story here

Vasudevan Lakshmanan


Read Vasudevan’s story here

Samantak Bhadra


Read Samantak’s story here

Tarun Gupta

2015-08-21 15.26.30-2

Read Tarun’s story here

Aditya Nagrare


Read Aditya’s story here

Ankit Goel

ankit goel

Read Ankit’s story here

Ankit Kumar Dugar


Read Ankit’s story here

Arun Maithani

Arun Maithani

Read Arun’s story here

Ashish Singhi


Read Ashish’s story here

Ashish Surana

Ashish Surana

Read Ashish’s story here

Isha Chhabria 


Read Isha’s story here

Parth Thakkar


Read Parth’s story here

Priya Jatia

Read Priya’s story here

Ruhi Gupta


Read Ruhi’s story here

Shivesh Bajpai

Shivesh bajpai cropped

Read Shivesh’s story here

Vinay Biradar


Read Vinay’s story here

Anirudh Namboodiri


Read Anirudh’s story here

Anshu Koul


Read Anshu’s story here

Divleen Talwar


Read Divleen’s story here

Kapil Grover


Read Kapil’s story here

Pallab Bhattacharya 


Read Pallab’s story here

Pratik Jaisriram Chauhan

Pratik J. Chauhan

Read Pratik’s story here

Sanjana Garg

Sanjana Garg_IIMK

Read Sanjana’s story here

Shreyans Bengani


Read Shreyans’s story here

Shubham Sharma

Profile Pics - Edited for Size

Read Shubham’s story here

Siddharth Parakh

Siddharth Parakh Photo portfolio

Read Siddharth’s story here

Swapnil Shirsat 


Read Swapnil’s story here

Urvaksh Tavadia

Urvaksh Tavadia

Read Urvaksh’s story here

Vijay Magdum


Read Vijay’s story here

We are yet to receive the story from Sudipto Sannigrahi (IIM- Ahmedabad). We will publish his story as soon as it is available.

This year’s Best 50 are from the following schools

S. No. B-School # of students
1 FMS 2
2 IIFT 7
5 IIM A 2
6 IIM B 5
7 IIM C 2
8 IIM I 8
9 IIM K 4
10 IIM L 2
3 IIM Shillong 1
4 IIM Trichy 2
11 JBIMS Mumbai 4
12 NMIMS Mumbai 1
14 SIBM Bangalore 1
13 SIBM Pune 2
15 SPJIMR Mumbai 3
16 XLRI Jamshedpur 8

For all those who have not made it to the list this year- A congratulations for your effort and zeal. The one thing we can promise is that your profile was duly read and analyzed by recruiters.

For the students who missed their chance to participate in the competition – Go to Konversations – If you are a campus student reading this, you may want to register under the Recruiter Watch list section.. It is a great chance to be noticed by India’s Top Recruiters.

You can read about last year’s winners here.

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