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Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. For a product of acceptable quality, its success or failure is determined by the success of its marketing strategy. At MAC, we attempt to foster an environment where we can promote the creativity necessary for a successful marketing and advertising strategy with competitions and industry interactions which will help us, budding managers, to develop the right skill set, as well as provide a platform to showcase these skills.

In order to achieve this, in the year that has passed, MAC organized the following initiatives.

Brand Warz

Brand Warz is the annual case study competition of the MAC- IIM Trichy and their main event for their Annual B-fest, Arcturus. The competition received a great response from students from various B-schools across the country, with nearly 100 teams registering them for the preliminary round.

The audience was left spell bound with the scope and depth of analysis done by the participants.


Team Libras from LIBA in action
Team Libras from LIBA in action


Ultimate Negotiator

In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. The club gave participants a unique chance to indulge the inner master negotiator in them. This event was arguably the show stopper at the B-fest as some very interesting exchanges took place between the finalists as they pushed each other to their limits in their quest to be crowned “The Ultimate Negotiator”. Participants included students from Premier B-schools such as IMT G, SIBM, IIM L, IIM Shillong, MDI, JBIMS to name a few.


Market Maker

The success of an organization is measured by its sales revenue. For this, one needs an able sales force which can sell any product which is handed to them. In an attempt to test the sales acumen of our participants. They were given a list of off-beat products to choose from and were required to make a sales pitch to the audience for these products. The audience was then required to vote on how many would buy the product based on the sales pitch. The person with the highest votes was declared the winner.

The turnout for the event was quite good with 30 – 40 participants enthusiastically pitching their product.

Many laughs were shared on the quirky products on display and their sales pitches.

A participant in action at the Market Maker Event (PC : 11 MegaPixels)
A participant in action at the Market Maker Event (PC : 11 MegaPixels)


Marketing Ninja – Online Series

MAC club has launched a series of web comics, called “Marketing Ninja”. The goal is to help familiarize students with lesser known marketing concepts, and interesting consumer behaviour phenomena. We have so far launched 4 episodes of the comic. The series has been well received on our Facebook page, and we hope to launch more versions in the coming terms.





This article is part of the series from powered by the External Relations Team at IIM Trichy on help the aspirants to get to know the batch and diverse activities that our student fraternity conducts as part of their PGP course at IIMT.


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