Meet the founders of BrokersPleaseExcuse – Ken & Deepak in conversation with Team InsideIIM

There is a start-up that’s creating waves in Mumbai. Everyone knows how tough it is to move into Bombay. Property prices are sky-high and rents can kill.  It is in this setting that has surfaced (just about a year ago) and is doing a lot to help working professionals move into the city. While price may not be in their control, they make life extremely easy for the house hunter also helping him/her save on some brokerage. The process is transparent and extremely efficient. You can hear more about their start-up from them in the Part-II of the video below.

In part-I, Kenneth and Deepak talk about how it all started. The inception of BPE and building of a team. On risk, Ken says, “The biggest risk is not taking a risk”.  At the same time, He also quashes all romanticism and excitement around a start-up and says that it can get extremely boring on a lot of days. Deepak adds saying that its the ones who can still turn up for work knowing it can get boring are the ones who succeed.

Both Deepak and Ken were most recently seen as executives at Edelweiss. Kenneth Serrao is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Class of 2000 (There is a separate interview with him on his career which will be published on 27th July). Deepak  has an entrepreneurial background where he was the founder at SCM conferences and has also worked with organisations like JM Financial and Big 92.7 FM.

We strongly recommend you watch both the parts. Part I – is a must watch for all budding entrepreneurs!

(Deepak Jhavar  is seated on your left and Kenneth Serrao is seated on your right)


 Part II – Know all about how BrokersPleaseExcuse operates!

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