A Memorable Business Communication Class | IIM Raipur

Almost a month ago I made the best decision of my life. A decision that has challenged me and enabled me to get a better version of myself and transform me into a stronger and a more confident individual. I decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration at the IIM Raipur. I was astounded by the speed at which the entire class caught up on the basics of management and the quality of teaching for the core modules. It seems impossible that I have experienced so much and made so many friendships so quickly, but it’s true. This is a common phenomenon in IIM Raipur, as anyone who has spent time here can attest.

I encountered one of the most memorable classroom experience during my third day here at IIM Raipur. It was business communication class and we were asked to sell any product. Groups were made randomly by our professor. My group comprised of the most diverse set of people who were all from distinct backgrounds like B. Com, economics, analytics, chemistry and of course engineers. We decided to sell the concept of radiant cooling. We were given a time span of 20 minutes to discuss the topic and come up with a good strategy. We finally came up with a presentation which we felt was good enough to impress the audience. But to my surprise after our presentation, there were so many hands raised from the audience in order to ask questions and counter us. Some questions were peculiar and some were so fine and exemplary that made us question our product. But all of this was a great learning experience as each one in our team would have an answer to some or the other question being raised. This class was such a fantastic practical application of both the hard and soft skills that are crucial in the business world. Negotiations really demonstrated to me the importance of knowing your own communication style and embracing it to effectively create value. The biggest insight that I have gained is that process improvement is not established in the process, but the people by which the process is executed.

Which ABG company would I like to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited of ABG group because of my sheer interest in the field of finance. Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL) is one of the largest financial services players in India which is the holding company of all the financial services businesses of the Aditya Birla Group. ABCL is committed to serving the end-to-end financial needs of its retail and corporate customers under a unified brand — Aditya Birla Capital. The reason behind choosing this is to understand the expertise it has developed in the financial domain and also because it is one of the most booming industries in India. It would give me the opportunity to diversify and enhance my knowledge base extensively.


Guneet Kaur is a First Year student at IIM Raipur.