A Memorable Classroom Experience At IIM Raipur – Mohan Sri Ram S

We had a class of Business communication by Prof. Archana Parashar. Professor had asked us to split in groups of 6 and we were asked to present a new product and to market it to the whole class. The first team presented about “hang-over”, a sachet of herbs promised to ease out the hangover effects of alcohol. They engaged the whole class by a way of an intriguing presentation. The next team presented “e-hanger”, which is supposed to be used for drying clothes during any climate. The product is a combination of normal hanger and a dryer coupled to perform the drying process. More than the product, it is the way they answered the queries that made them unique. They answered all the queries by allocating each query to different departments as if they had a real company. The next team went on to present on “Safety Glass for Automobiles”. They mainly focused on selling their products on the B2B model, which had taken the discussions to next level of business acumen. The next team presented about “Jack-Daniel”, an alcohol derivative made by Jack Fruit. The main objective is to get maximum profit for Jack Fruit farmers of North-Eastern India where they have a huge production of jackfruits but no potential market to sell their produce. Their presentation sparked a concern of promoting alcoholism if they have to stay profitable to which they explained that their motive is not to promote alcoholism but to convert the people who are already consuming alcohol to consume their product. The next team presented “Sage”, an integrated platform on digital, telephone and other media to provide help for those suffering from mental disorders, depressions, anxiety, etc.  The product was not profit motivated but was planned to work as an NGO getting funds from various organizations and government departments. The next team presented about “One Remote”, a single solution for controlling all home appliances. They had a perfect business model and were so excellent in their marketing skills that they even got a sizeable pre-bookings. The final team presented “Kalam Pen”, a pen with two refills and a laser pointer for a low cost. Their presentation was simply superb that I was confused for a moment whether I am in the class of Business communication or watching a Telemart show. The varied products and the way in which they were presented portrayed the diversity we have among the brilliant minds of PGP batch 18-20, IIM Raipur. The insights my batch mates bring to every class added additional value to all lectures, thus making the learning interesting and fun


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I want to work for Grasim Industries. Grasim has various plants located in a rural side of India such as Nagada, Harihar, and Kharach. Also, Grasim produces a wide variety of products such as VSF, caustic soda, cement and many more. I had worked in Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited for a period of 3.5 years in Sales, Marketing and Operations in the rural parts of Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh. I developed an interest in operations because of the meticulous calculations involved in the framing of SOPs for process optimization. Also during my tenure in BPCL, I learned about the problems faced by a company situated in a rural area for its day to day operations. With a wide variety of companies in its production portfolio, Grasim will be the best fit as it will cater my ambition of optimizing the Operations process for profit maximization.


Mohan Sri Ram S – is a first-year student at IIM Raipur