That Memorable Classroom Experience At IIM Trichy

A person comes to an IIM to fulfil their dreams and to be a manager they always dreamed of becoming. We had our first class in CR001. We all were excited to be in one of the prestigious institute of the country. Here in IIM Trichy we have a seat assigned to you with your name tag. Someone has rightly said that “It’s always endearing to see student finding themselves in the crowd”.

Most of the engineering students who go for an MBA Programme don’t know how to work on Microsoft Excel. Here in IIM Trichy during the preparatory classes, we went through a programme which focuses mainly on Microsoft Excel usage. Generally, in the first year of MBA Programme in any IIM comprise of all core subjects from a different domain to get an understanding of all the business domains and to build skill in those domains. By introducing Microsoft Excel programme in IIM Trichy during the preparatory classes helped us to work on Microsoft Excel more efficiently.

The subject is taught by Professor Sirish Kumar Gouda. The reason I started liking working on Microsoft Excel is that of Professor Sirish Kumar Gouda and his teaching methodology. He was very enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable. This made all the students comfortable and it encouraged us to participate in classroom discussion with more energy and enthusiasm.

The time he used to enter the class he will do the recap of the previous class and with that he will give the precap of the class. He used to start his class based on the previous class learnings. He used to include all appealing data’s for the assignment. Example: Game of Thrones data, Ice Cream Analysis, IPL analysis etc which helped him in keeping the class more interactive and interesting. He used to grab the attention of the class by asking funny questions or by telling a funny story. Whenever he used to explain any topic, he explains it in a way that you won’t have any doubts later. His way of teaching was funny and very simple and helped us understanding the topic easily. As we were able to understand everything there was active participation in the class. He used to ask us question and for all the answers to complex questions, he used to reward us with the chocolates.

Professor Sirish made sure that we not only learn Microsoft Excel as an additional skill set but also learn it for the rest of our lifetime. He also made us think in a different way, also infused a sense of eagerness. These capabilities are very important in MBA and corporate world. If you are not ready to learn new things, your skills may become obsolete and the fear of competition will destroy your opportunities. The lecture was a perfect mixture of fun and learning at the same time and remains the most memorable classroom experience.


If I get a chance to be a part of ABG, I would like to join Idea Cellular Limited and reason behind choosing Idea Cellular is because of its brand and I will get instant growth in my career.


– This article is written by Hena – Class of 2020

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