A Memorable Experience At IIM Indore – Anagha Sakure

Boat building exercise was conducted as a part of the course Organizational Behaviour in the second term. A simple exercise which involved our favourite childhood activity, making paper boats was designed in such a way that we realised the importance of working in cohesion within an organization. The activity involved tackling a perfect mix of challenges from the external as well as the internal environment, which made us brainstorm and come up with answers for them. The activity involved different teams, some of them were merchants and others were boat building companies. Merchants were given specific instructions for the demand for boats in the market, and accordingly what kind of boats to be purchased. The boat making companies had their own set of instructions for the procurement of raw material and the manufacturing investments to be done. There was competition for both the merchants and the manufacturing companies. To provide financial assistance to the manufacturing companies, this ecosystem included banks as well. The motive of all the institutions mentioned here was to maximize their profit by effective negotiations, building internal capabilities and optimizing the work effort. The manufacturing companies divided themselves into teams, the logistics team, marketing and sales team, product manufacturing team and tried their best to maximize the profits. A CEO was appointed for each of these companies who made sure that the working was smooth and efficient. The activity ended with the felicitation of the teams who had made maximum profits. The primary learning outcome of the activity was the coordination with which a person has to work with his fellow teammates while working in a professional set-up. The lesser the amount of friction in the working, the higher is the efficiency which ultimately results in higher profits. The overall activity was a fun-filled learning experience.


The ABG Company I would like to work with?

The ABG Company I would like to work in is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited. Firstly, the company falls under the mighty umbrella of Aditya Birla Group which is in the league of fortune 500. Secondly, I believe that I can relate very well with this company as fashion is something that forms an integral part of my daily life. Be it work wear, party wear, casuals or those classy tripping outfits, ABFRL has all the brands required. This makes it my dream company to work with.

IIM Indore Placement Committee

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Indore