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It is very difficult to express in words the emotions, chaos, and drama that any MBA grad goes through during those two years. Late night submission, early morning classes’, cultural activities, long and healthy discussion with the peers and the different perspective of the people from the diverse background that we experience during these two years is going to shape us into the figure that we aspire to become in the future. Even simple things that are being followed or taught in the classroom can teach us a lot of things. I am going to describe one such incident that happened to me during the Managerial Communication class.

During one of the classes, our prof told that we have to make a group of four for a group activity. Once the group was formed she started calling random group in front of the class to perform the activity. She asked everyone to stand in one line in such a way that one person will face the class and rest all people will face the opposite end of the class and then asked the group captain to choose one chit from many, which she had brought with her. Then she told us about the ground rules of the game. She explained that the group captain will be selecting one chit and he has to make next person in the line understand what was written on that chit with just 3 actions and without uttering a single word and then the next person will do the same to the next one and so on. Basically, it was a fun game with a meaning.

When our group’s turn came, I selected the chit. I had to act on “Volleyball”. Since I use to play Volleyball during my school I was pretty confident that I will be able to get the message through. So, my first action was raising the ball in the air second was to jump and then the third one was to hit the ball with my hand. I was sure that I did well however, the person next to me asked me to do the actions once again.

Then I thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that I was doing it right and maybe next time he will be able to get it. I did the same for the second time. Now it was his turn to do the job and make the third person in the queue to understand that word. He raised the Ball in the air he jumped and then in the third act he simply sat. The third person didn’t get anything he asked him to do it again. He repeated his actions. By the time it reached the fourth guy the meaning of all three actions were totally turned up. I was trying to show how we play Volleyball however, the last person was cleaning the ground with a broom and in his last action, he was having tobacco.

If I talk about my learning from this exercise it has given me a lot of insights into how people behave and how we communicate with people. When I talked to the fourth person in the group and enquired about how come he was eating tobacco he said since I belong to the state of Bihar and it is very common I Bihar to have tobacco maybe I was trying to say something with Tobacco.

So, when we converse with people, we talk to him with a lot of preconceived notions based on his region/religion/caste/gender etc. However, In order to be successful one need to come out of that zone where people start judging other people without having a real conversation. Also, I was under the impression that since I have played Volleyball and I know a lot of things about it others will also be well equipped with the same amount of knowledge. However, this is never the case in the real life. There is always a probability that two different people even from the same background will take same picture/action in two different ways.

Then the third biggest learning was how the message gets distorted if you don’t communicate it effectively. By the time fourth people turn came up he was not even sure what he was doing but he did it just because he was supposed to do it. In the real life, we should always try to get our message through in most concise and subtle way as possible. Even then if we don’t get it through the way we wanted it, there is always a room for improvement and we should be bold enough to accept our mistake and then we should try to rectify those things in us.

This was one of the memorable moment of my classroom experience. This game was fun and easy but at the same time, it taught us a lot of things which will be useful for us once we enter into the corporate life.

Which ABG company I would like to work for and why?
Given the opportunity, I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail Limited. I would be able to match my experience and Knowledge in a much better way, which I have gained over while working in a defense PSU. I have all the necessary traits that a Manager should have like the ability to work in a team, positive attitude, respect for elders and co-workers etc. I also have experience in stores design and operation as I am associated with one of leading B2B FMCG firm in Sri Lanka which will be useful if posted in the same vertical.

This article was written by Vivek Kumar Rai – Class of 2019

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