A Memorable Marketing Class At IIM Raipur

People might generally feel that we are still relaxing – people are still missing their homes and classes have still not been scheduled. Usually, that should have been the case, right? But let me clear all doubts by saying that we are not. We are not leading the life we used to lead even a couple of weeks back. We already have assignments piling up, and so many co-curricular to care about. But trust me when I say this, it is not tiring at all. These late nights and early mornings are not taxing, all because of a simple reason – we seem to know our peers since ages and this place already feels like home.

Half past nine till three – this is how the classes are designed. Isn’t such a drastic change in lifestyle and such long study hours supposed to pose troubles? They don’t. The faculty here makes sure that they can’t. What I’ve recognized and appreciated the most in course of the first week of classes is the fact that the faculty is highly engaging, and they expect us to be so too. We’ve some extremely interactive classroom sessions throughout the last few days and there’s no dearth of memorable instances which I can pick up from those and share here. We’ve already created memories in the classroom and among the equally vibrant set of occurrences, I’d narrate something that lit up our very first class just a couple of days back.

Scene :

29th June 2018

Class: Marketing Management: Session 2.

As a matter of fact, it becomes evident from the expression of the batch that Marketing seems to be a stimulant for quite a significant proportion. We remain even more glued because our Marketing faculty is none other than the Chairperson of the Student Affairs Committee Prof. Dhananjay Bapat. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting full credit courses that adorns our curriculum, all credits to Sir’s way of teaching.

The most desired qualities of being a Marketing Manager was being discussed at large, and the discussion spanned across areas of the efficiency of market research before the importance of advertising began being stressed upon. Advertising models were being spoken of, how different companies have revised their marketing policies to keep track of the evolving social scenario.

I was focusing on the textbook for a while when suddenly I could hear someone sing in class. Momentarily I was terrified considering the audacity of the student concerned.

“Kuch khaas hain…hum sabhi mein…kuch baat hain…hum sabhi mein…baat hain…khaas hain…kuch swaad hain…kya swaad hain..”

To my extreme amazement, I found that the singer is none other than our Bapat Sir himself. Can you believe it? He was so effortless at going out of the box. He explained that this particular song had been used by Cadbury when they initiated the penetration of the market for the youth.

Marketing is all about capturing the imagination of the people of the other side of the table, he says, and that all of us are marketers in some way or the other. It took me quite some time to understand this statement of his. Didn’t Prof. Bapat elucidate his claim through his idiosyncrasies? In my opinion, he did, making the very second class of his extremely special for us all.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given a chance to work with the reputed Aditya Birla Group, I’d like to work in the domain of Idea Cellulars Ltd. A merger of Idea and Vodafone is in the talks and even a new name for the combined entity has been proposed. It would become the largest player in the national telecom market, and thus would involve a huge workforce and thus would require a highly efficient squad for managing people. As someone who loves to deal with challenges, this would be the perfect opportunity for me to discover and showcase my skill sets in this particular field.

Himadri Kumar Nag is a first-year student at IIM Raipur.