Memories At IIM Shillong

Surrounding yourself with the natural beauty makes you fall in love with the natural environment all over again and inculcates a feeling of belongingness for nature. We continuously live in a society that prides on its development in form of infrastructure, technology etc. but we tend to forget the importance that nature has on us and how it can motivate us towards growing in a more sustainable way.

Coming to the campus in clouds makes one fall in love with the mother nature and IIM Shillong helped me realise how important the surroundings turn out to be in one’s own personal development. Prior to my admission at IIM Shillong if someone asked me the definition of friendship or who can a person become friends with the usual answer would be other beings present in the society, but here I developed a friendship with nature and its beauty. MBA often gives you days where you feel extremely low and pressurised due to academic and other commitments but you always have a friend which is ready to quietly listen to your stories or grievances and in return gives you peace of mind so that do can gather strength to go back and deliver results for your better future. The first year of college was challenging for me specially because of the kind of peer pressure and failures due to inability to adapt quickly to the fast-paced curriculum and in the process losing self-confidence. Shillong also requires adapting to the climatic conditions which are usually colder than what we have in other parts of India. Therefore, it is essential that you interact with nature and adapt to it by interacting with it in every possible ways such as treks, morning walks etc. I felt sick quite often during initial days as I was adamant to make this interaction with nature which in fact turned out to be the most cherishable asset for me at IIM Shillong. It gave me a mental strength to work harder and consistently without the fear of losing to anyone else. Often, I go on early morning treks as we are surrounded by mountains and have the easy to trek at our convenience and this is what helped me get closer to nature. Those moments helped to realise that my journey is very different from any other person at IIM Shillong because of my interests and ambitions and therefore worrying about performing better that others is only deteriorating my performance. The focus then shifted from competing with others to improving and developing myself in the intended direction which automatically will take care of the competition, placement and academics as you can now better focus on yourself and your dreams.

The silent conversations with nature helped me to understand myself better which is one of the biggest learning that my natural companion gave me.

Dream Aditya Birla Group Company

Idea Cellular will be the dream ABG company that I would like to work for because the telecom sector is in a very interesting stage where advent of Reliance Jio has created a price war in the sector. It’s a very interesting phase for telecom as they are now focusing on how they can deliver differentiated value to its customers at most affordable prices with each offer catering to a specific target segment. The Idea Vodafone merger makes it the number one player in the sector an it will be a huge learning opportunity and a good working exposure in such a company where delivering something unique to customers and coming with a unique value proposition each day in newer segments becomes part of your work. At the same time the prior experience working in telecommunication sector will help me adapt quickly to the systems and processes and will help improve my performance and contribution to the organisation.


Ayush Hardikar

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong