Men’s Grooming for Job Interviews – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the seventh episode of ‘’Summer Time Madness” in association with Reliance Industries Limited.

Why is it said that the first impression is the last ? How to make a good lasting first impression in an interview? Is it only your words that matter? Yes, they do matter and weigh on the heavier side when it comes to the ultimate hiring decision but your appearance is equally crucial. It is only seven seconds that it takes for the opposite party to get influenced by both, your verbal and non-verbal cues.  Let’s look into how do you make an impact in these seven seconds by wearing the right attire to an interview.




  • A Rule of Thumb – It is imperative for men to wear a suit for the interview. There are no two ways to it. Avoid wearing a black coloured suit. Suits in slate/dark grey or navy blue are perfect for an interview.
  • Always wear a perfectly-fitting and a tailor made suit with straight simple lines.
  • Fabric of The Suit- Avoid using polyester/nylon. You should go for a blend of silk and wool which is conducive for the Indian climate.
  • For shirts, white and blue are the only colours permissible for an interview. Keep the design confined to plain or pinstriped shirts. Chequered shirts and fancy patterns are good to avoid.
  • Tie the Knot – Red, Blue or Yellow are the colours that you should stick to while selecting your tie. Keep it simple.Avoid prints, bold cartoon characters and slim ties.
  • The knot should always be a Windsor or a Half-Windsor knot. For those who are wondering as to what do we mean by this, it’s time for you to learn wearing a tie! Pre-knotted ties at work are not acceptable. The length of the tie should always touch the the tip of your belt buckle.
  • Match your accessories – Women are considered to be the best in doing this. However, matching accessories is as essential for men as it is for women. The colour of your belt, shoes and watch strap should always match.
  • Avoid wearing any kind of jewellery or threads which is symbolic to a religion or a belief.
  • Always carry a well-trimmed beard to an interview. In today’s time, most of the organisations are not reserved towards men wearing a beard if it is trimmed and well-kept.
  • Try avoiding strong fragrances or perfumes. Prefer a deodorant instead to keep yourself fresh. Strong fragrances may get a bit disturbing for a person who is allergic especially in closed setup.
  • Avoid carrying backpacks or laptop bags that tend to weigh your shoulders down. Carry all the required documents in a handy black docket.

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