Meri Ek Kahani – MDI

I would like to quote one of the most valuable lessons of my life learnt right here in one of the class room sessions at MDI. The subject was Managerial Communication. Barely scampering through the Gurukul (Academic Block) door, rushing in Room number 10, I sighed, gathered my breath for I managed to reach in time. But there were some major alterations in the classroom setting to be witnessed. A cameraman with all his kit stood right in the centre of the classroom with the focus on teacher’s podium. With the cameraman diligently adjusting his equipment, curious faces guessing what this is all about kinds of faces all around. Somehow, it was a telling sight of trouble to come, and the gut just finds a way to prophesize it. Discussions anticipating of what’s to follow had a point which was not to be found. The Professor enters and sets the ball rolling straight away. We had our first evaluation and that an extempore, to be recorded right in front of the batch and videos to be played later. Our comfort zone had gone for a toss long way up in the air. Not only did we have to narrate our stories addressing 60 people, but it would also be subject to openly criticized through a video recording. Our imperfections, our insecurities to be out in front of everybody. But what followed, was the experience of a lifetime. Our raw most selves, talking about our childhood, of passion, nostalgia, mistakes, regrets and importantly learnings set each story apart and each story was worth listening to. We spoke our hearts out in front of people we recently met, appreciating the vulnerability of others too. By the end of the session, our batch felt much closer and we realized that beauty lies in imperfections.

The ABG company I want to work with is Idea cellular. I did my engineering in Electronics and Communication, which also might help me understand the business better and align it with HR policies. Idea cellular right now is undergoing massive transformation and the market also has interesting current dynamics. This not only poses a challenge for me as an HR manager to address these issues, but I also have to take into account new future possibilities with Vodafone-Idea cellular merger on the cards, managing change, designing policies, retention and hiring will altogether be a different ballgame.

In the challenging working atmosphere and potential for steep learning, it is only logical with my educational background to go for this sector. Also, my work experience, and management education will help me to understand business and HR not in isolation but as wholesome functionalities for the company. This becomes a key and indispensable skill set for a company undergoing transformation of that scale in terms of not human resources, business changes, and competitive landscape in general.