Date – 9th March 2018
Place – Delhi

Two males and one female.
P1 – Harish Krishnamachar Sir, P2 – Lady Industry Professional, P3- Jay Trivedi Sir

A person from panellist came outside and invited me inside. I greeted him and greeted other two panels.

They greeted back with smile face and asked me to sit.

I said, “After you sir.” (the one who asked me to get in)

P1- “Arey baitho aaram se.”

Me – Thanks (Sat after him)

P2 – “What is the meaning of your name?”

Me – Brightness of the sun.

P2 – “Wow. Who gave you this name father or mother?”

Me – Mother.

P2 – “Where it is derived from or commonly used?”

Me – It’s from Persia. And generally used as a surname. We have a Chief Minister like Shibu Soren, Hemant Soren. My mother found it in a book and liked it.

P2 – “Do you like your name?”

Me – Yes, it’s a unique name. Everyone asked me the meaning of the name, and sometimes it works as an icebreaker to start the conversation.

P1,P2,P3 – “Ooh. Nice” (they like icebreaker thing I assume)

P2 – “Did you get any fashion instinct from your mother?”(my mother is a fashion designer)

Me – Creativity.

P2 – “Arre we don’t want creative people. We have already selected 4 creative people. Creative ka quota khatam”, and they all started laughing.

Me – (I was confused) I have a different sense of creativity.

P2 – (laughing among themselves) “Go ahead tell me.”

Me – For me it is about getting things done, thinking on your feet and finding the solution, it’s not necessary to get out of box idea you can copy someone and work accordingly to get the things done. (Copy word I know I am dead now)

P2- “So you will copy ideas.”

Me – I didn’t mean that you can use if there are no copyright issues. I don’t want to get into legal trouble(I know I was dead)

P2 -“Mujhey Anu Malik vali feel aarahi hai.”

Me – (confused Anu malik kaha seeagaya) Sorry ma’am?

P2- “You don’t know about Anu Malik?”

Me – Yes I know he is a singer, did he copy anything?

P1 – “Yes all songs.”

P1 – “Why your grades are low. You don’t use to study? School bi jate the?”

Me – Sir there is an upward graph and I am.. (was interrupted In between)

P2 – “Kya upward graph is this no 64-67-74.

60s used to be good in our time but not now. I think you only do what is required.”

Me – Sir I was active in sports (was cut again).

P2 – “What you did in GE?”

Me – I pitched my ideas, was focused more on implementing and organizing things. We were getting so many ideas and we had limited space so I focused on getting the things done within the time.

P2 – “So you are saying implementing is important not others?”

Me – Other things are also important but implementing is more important.

P2 – “Planning is not important?”

Me – Initially we have to plan to set the direction. But there is no point of getting 10 ideas and implementing none rather getting 5 ideas and implementing all.

P1-: “Yaar education ka kafi likha Hai Kuch batao.” (Mentioned teaching as my hobby)

Me – Sir teaching gives me a sense of responsibility, maturity; it’s completely a different feeling when you become a part of someone’s dream and help them to achieve it. I have seen myself transform from a notorious and easily getting angry kid to a mature one.

P2 – “A person can be notorious and mature both at the same time.”

Me – Ma’am I was very notorious in school and was less focused on studies and use to play cricket a lot.

P2 – “Are you covering up for your marks?”

Me – No, No, it’s truth I use to play a lot, I was crazy about it. In hot summers I have played for 12 hours.

P2 – “Don’t tell me you don’t play cricket now.”

Me – I play on weekends.

P1 – “What you do in cricket?”

Me – All-rounder, I like fielding than batting than bowling.

P2 – “All-rounder ki pasand bi toh fielding. At what point you use to field?”

Me – At point and gully.

P2 – “Who is your favourite?”

Me – Jonty Rhodes.

P1 – “Tell me more about product development you have done that. What are 3 essential things?”

Me – “Told them about the product, marketing, cash flow statement, target audience.”

P1- (seems satisfied) “You are from Delhi. Tell me anyone problem that is impacting a lot.”

Me – Pollution.

P1 – “Tell one single major contributor to it.”

Me – Municipal waste, Delhi produces 8000 tonnes daily, even an illegal burning a fraction of 2-3% of it contributes pm 2.5 1800kg/day and pm 10 2000kg/day.

P1 – “what is the solution?”

Me – Pollution is at its highest level. People burning illegally should be put behind bars, strict punishment, heavily penalized.

P1 – “Okay tell me, major contributor.”

Me – sir this is the major contributor it contributes 23% of total pollution this is a study by IIT K.

P1 and P3 – seems satisfied.

Me – Sir if you allow I can tell you one more solution.

P1 – “Please go ahead.”

Me – Instead of odd-even we can follow last digit like vehicle ending with 1 will be banned on 1st, 11th, 21st and 31st. So on till 0. This will be applicable on all vehicles, by this we are taking off 1/10th of the vehicles and it will not be problematic for people. Mexico and China have done this.

P2 – “What went wrong in odd even. Was it planning or implementing?”

Me – Ma’am there were some issues.. (was interrupted in between)

P2 – “Tell me one thing planning or implementing.”

Me – Planning.

P2 – “See I told you” :p.

Me – But in demonetization, it was the implementation (scores level :P)

P2 – “How much you scored in CAT?”

Me – Told

P2 – “What other calls you have?”

Me – Told

P2 – “Any convert?”

Me – Not yet, the process is still going on.

P3 – “So you have done BBA. Any specialisation?”

Me – It was general. P2 interrupted and said they study all subjects.

P3 – “Tell me 4 Ps.”

Me – Price place product people.. ummm people is in the service. Sir can I take few seconds.

P3 – “Yes.”

Me – price, place , product, promotion.

P3 – “Tell me other 3 Ps as well.”

Me – People, umm could not remember that time, but I murmured physical. I said I am not able to recall.

P3 – “Physical bola toh evidence or boldete. ” and then he told me last P.

P1 – “Tell me product lifecycle.”

Me – I don’t remember definition, but I can explain In laymen language.

P1 – “Yes go ahead.”

Me – explained

P1 – “Is place applicable to every product?”

Me – Sir it depends on product to product (was interrupted in between)

P1 – “Tell me yes or no.”

Me – No.

P1 – “Tell me two products where it is not applicable.”

Me – Medicine and Education.

P1 – Was happy and said , ” Arre sixer mar dia tumne toh.”

P2 – “You said you don’t like sitting idle. Subha see kya kar rahey the?”

Me – Was interacting with other people, even the moderators and was reading the news.

P2 – “Did you read today’s newspaper. Do you read newspapers?”

Me – “No I keep myself updated form news apps like inshorts.”

P2 – “What you read today?”

Me – SC passes passive Euthanasia.

P1 – “What is passive Euthanasia?”

Me – Explained also explained active Euthanasia

P1 – “What is Euthanasia?”

Me – Explained.

P2 – “We are done. Any questions?”

Me – Excitedly said yes.

P2 – *Laughing* “I think you have a lot of questions.”

Me – I went through your curriculam and found sports marketing. I have seen after ipl this industry has florished and many people are making career in it like Rajasthan Royal manager, Machester United marketing head are MBAs. Can you please tell me more about it.

P1 – Explained. He mentioned he founded that course.

Me – What about athlete management?

P1 – Explained.

Me – Sir I have one more question if you allow me, can I ask?

P3 – “Yes ask as many questions as you want.”

Me – Sir there is a one-week rural immersion program. Can you please tell more about it?

P3 – Explained

Me – Which connectivity, what students exactly do there, what social problem do you solve from this program?

P3 – Explained

Me – Many times student might go to places like small villages in rural areas, where language is a barrier. How do they communicate?

P3 – Explained and said this is actually a good question.

Me – Sir I can connect whatever you said because I wrote a research paper about the same and mentioned various points that you have just told.

If you want I can talk about research work. (They nodded)

I explained it in a crisp manner.

P3 – “Nice solutions.”

Me – Sir if you want I can explain in detail and also the sub-solutions.

P3 – “No no it’s fine we will discuss when you will come to MICA.”

Smiling, I said Thanks.

Result – Converted