MICANVAS – A Story Told The MICAN Way

In an era of design thinking, it is important to use big data and storytelling together and put forward a comprehensive positioning for the product or brand. This year MICANVAS has associated with the storytellers of Ahmedabad to promote MICANVAS and use the glocal concept to enhance the story of MICA. The institute has been known over the years for producing media savvy marketers over the years.

Mindspeak Speaker of the year Piyush Mishra, a renowned poet and actor, spent vital time with students and showcased the power of storytelling to them. He talked about his creative process and the journey towards acclaim. He inspired students to be more sensitive and aware of their surroundings to find inspiration for their next work of creativity. The unique session came to an end with a few melodious compositions from the man himself.

The exponential growth of standup comedy was the perfect foil for standup comic Anirban Dasgupta to come and engage the audience with his stories. True to the art of standup, Anirban cracked up the audience with his material and made some acute observations about society and life in general. The students got an opportunity to understand the art of structure in any content which is put forward in front of any audience from the session.

In addition to these events, the fest provided a unique opportunity to its students to attend workshops from FilterCopy, who recorded a landmark 13 million views with their new webisodes on YouTube. The workshops were divided into two halves. The first one was a Writer’s Workshop conducted by Kartik Krishnan who’s the creative director for content at Dice Media and Dhruv Sehgal who’s an actor & a writer for FilterCopy among other projects. Then there was a Life Workshop which involved fundamentals of production, cinematography – camera work & art direction at large, storyboarding, photography and the process of bringing stories & content to the big/small/ tablet screen. The same was conducted by Aniruddha Patankar (DOP at Pocket Aces) and Bharat Mishra (Supervising producer at Dice Media).

The School of Ideas always has been headlined by artists par excellence, which provides students with an opportunity to work on a live event and work around the same to gain an immersive experience. The musical genius duo of Salim Suleiman headlined the MICANVAS concert this year and enthralled the audience with their critically acclaimed compositions. Salim-Suleiman are extremely popular around the world and are followed religiously on the tour circuit.

This MICANVAS was a sincere attempt from MICA to question the question and prepare and understand the environment for marketing in future. MICANVAS will definitely gain wide experience from this year’s edition and use the same to make next year bigger and better. The breathtaking participation from B-School students across the country made the event successful and provided MICA with the perfect platform to take MICANVAS the annual marketing fest to the next stage.


Authors –

PrithviKantiBandyopadhyay and Tanya Shridhar