Know more about the uniqueness of the PGDM Programme in Communications in MICA – Click  here. Last date to register is 18th January 2015


Known for making news for all the right reasons, MICA – The School of Ideas, unveiled its strategic intent, refreshed visual identity and its Vision 2020 on its 19th convocation (March 29, 2014). As part of the brand refresh, it has also dropped its acronym and is now known just as “MICA”

Initially set up as an institute to provide management professionals for the media, advertising and communication-linked industries, MICA has evolved and expanded to cater to a broader set of industries that seek professionals trained around the core domains of Strategic Marketing and Communication. Thus the shift from the name “Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad”, to an industry-neutral “MICA”.
MICA’s renewed vision ‘To Create Leadership in Strategic Marketing and Communication’ equally focuses on both parts, thus reflecting the institute’s core strengths and making way for a positively charged future, while still retaining its tagline, “The School of Ideas” – a rich part of its history.

The refreshed visual identity (logo) is a marriage of the constant evolution of the institute and the universality of the Fibonacci spiral. In nature, the Fibonacci spiral allows an organism to grow, while maintaining the original shape. The spiralling triangles encapsulate MICA’s growth journey, while retaining its distinct identity.


While the science of Strategic Marketing exists in the primary symbol i.e. the triangle, the art of Communication finds its manifestation in the flexibility to constantly evolve. The unlocked triangles allow for openness and dialogue, yet maintain a strong connection amongst many stakeholders. The colour red symbolises strength, passion, commitment and dedication to a cause, a purpose, a focus.


The experience called ‘MICA’ is the only one of its kind, imbibing a culture of sowing ideas, cultivating mind spaces and harvesting solutions. MICA’s constant and ceaseless endeavour to deliver world-class research and knowledge is embedded in its heart, mind and soul.


(Know more about the uniqueness of the PGDM Programme in Communications in MICA – Click  here. Last date to register is 18th January 2015)


This innate passion is well-reflected in the balancing act of the heart and mind, consistently performed by MICA’s flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Communications (PGDM-C), producing innovative and professional leaders in Strategic Marketing and Communication domains. Besides offering industry-updated specialisations in Brand Management, Marketing Research & Analytics, Advertising Management and Media Management, the addition of Digital Communication Management specialisation to the PGDM-C, enables students to be contemporary in the dynamic business world and its digital evolution. This has also spiked up the number of digital companies hiring from MICA.


The Fellow Programme in Management-Communications (FPM-C) moulds analytical and research-oriented minds into holistic communication scholars, thus creating stellar thought-leaders across relevant domains of Communication, by inculcating a value for exemplary research of global standards.

Tapping into the soul is the Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Crafting Creative Communications (PGCP-CCC) that sculpts skilled high calibre professionals for creative careers across industries. With interactive sessions, including periodical assignments that help develop skills that enable idea generation
and elaboration from doodles to full-blown multimedia campaigns, the CCC programme opens the door to lucrative careers in advertising agencies, design companies, as also corporate, media and production houses.

MICA creates unique leaders, who are creative problem solvers, based on their strong lateral-thinking ability. MICAns are professionals who go beyond the accepted stereotype of B-school graduates. They are also imbibed with:

– A sense of responsibility towards society and the earth we live upon
– An empathy led approach which helps them collaborate strongly and work well in teams
– Exposure to creativity, lateral thinking and the fine arts, which hones their aesthetic senses

The purpose of education should ideally be to create contributing citizens – each one using her/his knowledge, expertise and skills to contribute productively to the society, especially in the case of management education, to create well-rounded citizens who value the planet, people and profit, equally.

MICA’s mission is ‘To develop innovative leaders in the practice, development and management of Strategic Marketing and Communication; to serve the needs of industry and society through education, research and advocacy.’

By 2020, MICA envisions itself as a universally obvious choice for world-class education in Strategic Marketing and Communication. The search should begin and end with MICA!

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Know more about the uniqueness of the PGDM Programme in Communications in MICA – Click  here. Last date to register is 18th January

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