On Misconceptions Of Life At An IIM

Addressing to the perspectives and (mis-)conceptions of the CAT aspirants regarding the ease of life at an IIM, the idiosyncrasy here confines to the change of thinking process after they make it to one of the top notches. The ideated thoughts of the college being a place of fun and frolic does hold true, but only after the students find their capabilities of surviving through the initial stages.

Each day at an IIM will always demand something extra than one can give. Efforts will seem like adding dew drops to a deep ocean. The initial months will want the new faces not to indulge in activities of personal satisfaction, rather than push themselves for a better personality showcase. The Curriculum Vitae, group discussions, mock interviews might exhaust most of the time, but they serve a longer and broader purpose. Gearing up for a life that runs at an extremely fast and competitive pace is what the aspirants should be prepared for.

Amongst all this chaos, the students should instil in their minds the following perquisites after they land themselves in their dream campuses –

  • Take things as they come – A feeling of resentfulness towards the curriculum might arise in the students when they are to go through the hectic schedule at the start. Breathe. Hold on to yourself and take the things as ‘the brand’ throws at you. You got to bear the responsibility of that brand. Make sure you do not shed if off your shoulders when it is most important.
  • Compete against the best – It might sound pretty obvious at the first go. But, the dance of rush and competitiveness near one’s eyes will make a lot of students feel low on their self-esteem and capabilities. Relax. It is the part and parcel of every institute. Do not throw yourself to the vagaries of late-night hours and the lack of sleep.
  • Count on others – The introverts might not find it as a good alternative, but one needs to be in constant connection with a lot of batch mates and the seniors. Surviving alone will not be a proper remedy, especially when the sacrosanct deadlines will push you short on time. Make friends, create bonds, and improve your network. A slow and steady try towards establishing a proper nexus might help in the attainment of the ultimate goal.
  • Reminders, use them! –  One will be shot at with multiple and equally important tasks, be it project submissions, case studies, competitions, etc. Categorise, and divide. If you are not a fan of reminders and calendars, the place will make you one. Mingle the deadlines, and you lose a grade. Segregate and take over a task accordingly.

Stay clear of the fact that the getting the b-school is just a start of an unending journey. Drain down all the thoughts of achieving success easily, unless you are willing to work for it. The soils of IIMs have shaped immense personalities, excellent visionaries, and lifelong friendships. The days during the MBA offer a hefty lot of options to choose from. The choice is ultimately yours. Choose wisely!

Devanshu .

Devanshu is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow.