The Misfits Of Every B-School – IIM Rohtak

With this world moving towards god knows which direction, one thing can still be said with certainty, engineers love to pursue an MBA after their graduation. Now this is not to say there aren’t any outliers to this theory, but one can definitely say with 95% confidence that we fail to reject this hypothesis.

This leads to a lot of memorable moments throughout your MBA life because in every group that forms in a B-school, one can find a certain set of people who, despite being from different backgrounds, are shockingly similar.

Let’s start with The Funny One. The one who is always making the most lame, unwelcomed, sometimes inappropriate jokes known to man or woman let’s not be gender biased. You just cannot stop this person from making a situation from bad to worse without even knowing it. The worst part is that he/she laughs at his/her own jokes while looking for a target to stare deep into the soul, expecting the slightest smirk from the other end, and so you are forced to give out that awkward smile to keep the person from killing themselves.

Moving on to the Serious One in the group. Its like he/she has a sales target that he/she has to say this to a minimum 100 individuals each day or else his bonus will be taken away. Let’s also not forget the fact that this person is also a self-acclaimed genius who has knowledge about whatever it is that you are talking about. Without any warning, they will barge into the conversation and start explaining the concepts like a third-class professor who has a catchphrase, which is overused beyond limits .

Then there is the storyteller of the group. You don’t need to ask this guy for anything. They are like overflowing glasses of water, just waiting for their next target to try and take a little sip to get the water level below the brim. But little do they know that behind that little sip is a waterfall of unwanted experiences, adventures and life-changing moments. This person is not affected by the clear unwillingness of the person in front of them to listen. It’s like a gift, they can zone out at will and keep talking without realizing the dates have changed. Well, at least the awkward silences are avoided with this person around.

Then comes the Sane One. Not to be confused with the serious one, this person is apparently the most logical human being on planet earth. Their logical reasoning cannot be reckoned with. No force in the world can stop them from proving their point through logic and winning the argument. This guy is also very analytical of everything that everyone does, in short, this person judges the crap out of everyone. Friends, foe, no one is safe from the sane one.

Finally, the reader of this article. A well-balanced mixture of all the above who is loved by everyone and the most important member of the group. You are the perfect one among the others, the one who is funny at the perfect moments, serious during the time of need, the storyteller when there are awkward silences and sane when the group decides to something.


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