Webinar On Mock Test Strategies With Rajesh Balasubramanian – Four Time CAT 100 Percentiler

It is a well-known fact that mock tests and their subsequent analysis are two of the most crucial elements for effective CAT preparation. But how does one really analyse CAT mock tests? What kind of value can one get out of taking mock tests? Join this live webinar with a CAT expert, a four-time CAT 100 percentiler, and the CEO of 2iim – Rajesh Balasubramanian.

Over the years, CAT toppers have been known to take over fifty mock exams to test their preparation levels and formulate solid strategies to bell the CAT. Though it is widely known that mock test analysis is a crucial part of CAT preparation, few understand what mock test analysis really means, and how one can take value from mock test analysis. This live webinar with Rajesh will cover how you can effectively analyse mock tests, the value you can extract from every single mock test you take, and how to formulate strong test-taking strategies that, when eventually replicated on the day of the exam, can fetch you that 99%ile score!

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