‘Mock Tests Is The Key To Crack CAT’ – IIM Bangalore Student

As they say “It’s not the destination but the journey that counts”. And now as I stop to step into one of the important landing places of my life, IIM B, I sit and reminisce the journey to this place. The ride has started 6 months prior to the CAT exam. The distance was long and the terrain difficult but the focus was clear, and the destination decided. I did hit some speed breakers and reach some road blocks but was undeterred. The first few months were stormy as I had to battle to strike the balance between work and preparation. There were sleepless nights and stressful days. There were times when I hit low trying to explore new ways, paths beyond the boundaries and was left completely astray.  But I was motivated to the core to not give up. I fueled my engine with the confidence that “I Can and I Will”, no matter how many times I fall.

For any journey to be successful, one needs a guide leading you on the correct path, helping through the rough and rugged times. And on my journey, I did find that guide in my goal. Your goal should guide you, motivate you, make you stretch the extra mile. Your target should keep you going, no matter what. It shouldn’t let you sleep, but transform your nightmares into dreams. It shouldn’t make you weak but carve you strong. It should shape you into a passionate individual filled with the desire to taste the blood of success.

One important route to the journey is mock exams. The mocks are the perfect trail runs before the CAT exam. I didn’t score high and roar during the mocks. I wasn’t even the topper during any mock. But what was important was the analysis of the mocks. They gave me an idea of the amount of hard work and extra effort that is needed to reach the target. They prepared me for the unpredictable storm and the icy winds that blow across our minds during the D day. What seemed impossible was only possible because the belief I had and the sincerity in the preparation. No matter what never give up in the middle of the Journey. Powered by the knowledge and driven by the confidence acquired through mock analysis and practice I was able to steer through the CAT Results. So all you need is patience and perseverance.

If I would have given up after the mock percentiles, I wouldn’t have been where I am right now. I wouldn’t have been here writing this piece of my heart sitting under the star filled sky at the Stone Walled, garden Campus. Remember miracles happen every day, but they happen only if you believe. Beleive that you will you make it, and hit the bullseye. Beleive in your power, in the power of hard work.Always believe in yourself, It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and it’s the belief in you that leads to SUCCESS.

Enroute on your journey find people who are compelling, motivating and engaging. The compassionate words and engaging talks between you will get the passion out of you, makes you realise your dream, make you stand out of the herd.They will give you the much needed competitive spirit. Every conversation you have should rack your brain and inspire every nerve. Never have reservations in asking a doubt, never hesitate to clarify your doubts. Just pick your question and go forward.

Cracking CAT is not an impossible task. It’s an I’m-possible task. All you need is sincerity in your preparation, dedication to your dreams and confidence in your self. Just propel your engines with courage and steer through the exam. There is never a short route to success, the only way is to enjoy the ride by yourself. Your determination should be the charioteer leading you through the battles called “CAT”. Filled with this Confidence I was able to crack CAT, IIM B interview and reach my Destination. The journey fills my soul with satisfaction, my heart with pleasure and gives me a sense of achievement. As they say, All is well that ends well, and I had a happy ending, and so will you. If others can, you CAN. If the others can’t, You definitely CAN.

Remember, “You are the master of your destiny”. Be the ruler of minutes and the pilot of time. Have a wonderful ride to your Dream b-school.


beulah magi

Currently in the second year of MBA program at IIM Bangalore. An avid reader, an infinite wayfarer, a foodaholic. In short an explorer of places and faces. Work-ex of three years in IT. Interned at Uber.



Abhishek Gupta

Can you share your scores and percentile just to get an idea how we are doing in mocks and get motivated that there is still hope we can improve further