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I am what I am does it really mean what it says or it is just a myth? Hope each one of us mostly utter these words I am what I am but ask yourself once is it true what I say? Don’t I have the tendency to lean to something else or aren’t we behaving like others whom we follow. Remember when we watch an action packed movie then after for some time we pretend like action heroes or remember when we see a patriotic movie we feel like to do something for our country like our defense peoples are doing. So we tend to fit our selves in the shoes of others whom we like the most or we behave like them. Rather we actually don’t stay what we are, that is the “I am what I am”. As we are all MBA students let’s just take a case. Yes exactly Case we all familiar to it. Suppose we all follow different leaders and we take their paths and preaches. Now let’s assume (like king Julien says) some where it was written by your leader that what happen when he was roaming in the woods. Once when he was roaming the forest, while walking he encountered with a tiger but he immediately without waiting further climbed a tree and saved his life. As he told you and we have a tendency to go by the book or what we see without applying logic or doubting it.




Situation 1

Now assume the same situation happened to you when you were walking down the woods but this time unfortunately there are no trees that you can climb up and save your life. What will you do?

Situation 2

Now assume the same situation happened to you when you were walking down the woods but fortunately because of  a forestation there are trees and you climbed up but it’s again your fate with the passage of time the tiger even knows how to climb a tree. What will you do?

Think, I am sure you will find the answer. Yes, it is you and only you who can guide your life.

You are the self taught mentors; you are the creator of your own destiny. No one can shape build the path to your destiny your leaders your ideals they are just a signage board who will just show you the path.

Each one of us is different there is no universal rule for every one so why we will shape ourselves in others shadow. Apply your own logic. Remember mathematics can fail but logic cannot. Believe in you and more then that believe that you are you and you can fit in someone else. Yes once you follow your path and destiny that is exclusively created by you now you can say “I am what I am”.

~Vivekananda Suaro~


An unexamined life is not worth living. Just be your self who you are don't change.