Mr. Bhavesh Patel Guides Aspiring Entrepreneurs Through His Success Story At the SKOPE Talk Of St. Kabir Institute Of Professional Studies

Mr. Bhavesh Patel, Founder and Director of Opulence Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd made his presence felt at St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad as he delivered a talk on ‘Entrepreneurship And Its Challenges with Recent Trends in Financial Technologies.’ In order to foster the spirit of Entrepreneurship among the PGDM students, St. Kabir Open Platform for Entrepreneurs (SKOPE) hosts various events and talks by leading entrepreneurs of Gujarat and Ahmedabad.

Mr. Patel, who has 13 years of experience working with renowned Financial firms and MNCs was the perfect choice to deliver the inspiring talk. After all, he founded the consultancy firm that offers integrated investment and strategic management services in 2008 and has been instrumental in taking it to its present position of repute. Listening to him share his experiences was a huge opportunity for the students with an eye on entrepreneurial journeys in the future.

To start with, Mr. Patel made aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience aware of demands from them in the future. He also talked about the challenges faced by the industry and urged them to be ready for self-growth. What are the emerging trends in the industry? Are the skills set that management students learn, enough for job seekers and as well as job makers? These were some of the questions answered by the talk peppered with personal experience of the speaker.

While budding entrepreneurs are naturally motivated by their business idea, they often overlook the crucial element of finance. Mr. Patel talked about the role of finance in a business and calculating the cost of winding it up. “As an entrepreneur, you should be ready to face positive as well as negative economic results. Excellence is generated through passion, but that passion should come from within us,” he said inspiring the PGDM students of St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies to go after their dreams.

With the amount of emphasis that Ahmedabad as a city puts on Entrepreneurship, the SKOPE talks become extremely relevant for aspiring PGDM students in Gujarat. In fact, what made this the talk instantly relatable was the fact that it offered future aspirants tangible tips to up their game in the professional world. Mr. Patel asserted that students can differentiate themselves from others with their positive attitude and dedication. “Along with necessary interpersonal skills, you need to learn how to convert data into efficiency and strategic programs. Calculate your worth based on the quantified skill set that gives quantified results,” he concluded.

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