Mridang 2014 at IIM Indore

IIM Indore is gearing up to host Central India’s largest cultural extravaganza in the upcoming month. With the theme of “Breaking Free”, it offers a platform for students to let loose their euphoria and become a part of the exuberance and energy of this event. It is a chance for everyone to unshackle their creativity and showcase their talent.


The event attracts luminaries from across the country fostering a true cultural amalgamation.
It draws participation from participants across the B-school fraternity in India including premier institutes like NITIE, XIMB, Symbiosis, JBIMS etc. Colleges of Indore, Bhopal and other cities of
Madhya Pradesh participate in huge numbers. It has always bemused the B-School fraternity by setting trends apart. It is expected to generate footfalls of around 10000.

Mridang, in its last edition saw performances not just by exemplary participants but also by experts such as Swarthama, bringing a high energy performance to the show. The festival was presented in association with Hero Motocorp, Micromax, Archies and Coca Cola amidst others.

Mridang-2014 is set to bring fore a blend of culture and creativity, raw talent and practiced genius and above all, flair of all things that define celebration. It brings with itself a landscape of events.
Voice of Indore– The flagship event of this year’s festival, while celebrating music sets out to identify the most talented and enthusiastic singers who define the epitome of showmanship.
Lavanya –The Largest Fashion Show at Central India embodied with grace and panache will dazzle you. With riveting music and dancing lights it is ones chance to fame and glory.
Lasya – The Dance Show is a platform to unleash that energy and make the world dance with you.
Bazinga– The party zone of the festival! For you to unwind and have a great time by playing games and taking part in everything fun.
Distortion – the Rock show will keep you at the edge of your seats with scintillating concerts from India’s best musicians to electrifying performances by Semi Pro and College Bands across the country.
Jagriti – The ethos of Mridang is truly felt with this event. Amidst the fun and play, we also realize the importance of giving back to the society. Jagriti is the social sensitivity nucleus of Mridang.  The college students along with the urban school students extend the celebrations to the rural students. With its initiatives such as A fistful of rice and a heartful of love’, it helps in bringing more meaning to a festival dedicated to creation and preservation of culture.

With the idea of thinking Big and thinking out-of-the-box, the students annually attempt a Guinness book of world record promoting a social message. This attempt symbolizes the students’ zeal to achieve the best and also at the same time to be socially active and responsible.
It is now time to put on your dancing shoes, flex those vocal chords, tune up those guitars or extend a helping hand and be a part of the events glitz ,glamour, vibrance and pure fun!
Let loose and Break Free!

Mridang 2014

The cultural festival of IIM Indore