Of Music, Photography And Poems

“There are words, pixels and chords in the air here. Alphabets float, Snaps speak and Musical notes chirp here. This is Room-1025 of Symbiosis D Hostel – my paradise – Chandni Bar”

Prior to joining MBA program at SCMHRD, the most heard words to me were diversity that you see in a b-school and the learning you get in the same and today I’m here, experiencing and understanding the definition of these two words first-hand. SCMHRD, as I got to know, is known for its rich diversity and disparate cultures and today sitting here in the SCMHRD campus, it is very evident to me. But apart from diversity, one minutiae about SCMHRD is that it is a motley of candidates with diversified interests and passions. You will find a passionate music producer, a stellar photographer, a can-play-for-whole-day FIFA gamer, a professional actor, a professional anchor, a professional DJ, a singer with a soprano voice and the like. Whoa, that’s SCMHRD!

Back to my place Room -1025, there’s a professional music producer, a shutterbug with magical fingers and an elysian writer. Every night, we relax listening to the compositions or the poems. Every night, we set up a gathering called “Mehfil”, where all our friends who are, if studying hard in the nearby rooms, gather in our room and enjoy the so-called “Mehfil” of music and poems. The real taste of teamwork, motivation, passion, diversity, learning and all the managerial terms one knows, can be experienced in this one gathering where you learn many things from others, you get acknowledged thus feel motivated and if you’re the youngest and well as performer in the “Mehfil”, believe me you are the one who, at the end of the same, will gain utmost out of this. (PS – I myself am the youngest and have experienced this.)

Apparently, a person like me who has least knowledge of music and was limited to listening to Arijit or Shreya now at least knows that ‘#’ is more than just a prefix of hashtag – it’s a musical note as well; A person like me who knows nothing about photography now knows that you don’t need the cushioning of expensive equipment to capture spectacular snaps and finally yet importantly, there exists an art of preparing multifarious recipes with words.

Round out the picture, you have pictures to flaunt on Instagram, privilege to attend a free-of-cost LIVE music concert at your own place and enjoy floating in the ocean of poems.

That’s how my paradise, my Chandni Bar feels like – a candid musical poem!


P.S. – Room-1025 aka CHANDNI BAR

Pramod Gupta

MBA Candidate, Class of 2019, SCMHRD Pune