My Counter to Things you won’t learn in an MBA


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My Counter to Things you won’t learn in an MBA

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts –C. S. Lewis

Modern B-schools are helping us to develop practical knowledge and out of box thinking apart from bookish knowledge. For example world’s most famous B-school Harvard business school uses case study as a base for explaining each and every topic as supplement to the lessons in textbook.

Author stated that many of the Indians do not know why they got into MBA programme. I completely disagree with the above statement as all prestigious B-Schools conduct rigorous screening before admitting a candidate so it is almost impossible for such candidates to get admission. In addition to above fact most of the MBA students have previous work experience so they are matured enough to know why and what they are doing.

Doing Business:

MBA will clearly guide everyone not only to understand the practical business situation but also to analyse the given scenario and react accordingly. Faculties of MBA are usually experts in various fields having immense experience so they provide the students with the practical knowledge which they attained from their experiences. Being exposed to large number of such faculties one can gain immense knowledge which cannot be gained just by working for 2 or 3 years in an industry. Keeping above facts in mind many great entrepreneurs preferred their sons to do their MBA for example Rishad Premji son of Azim Premji did his MBA from Harvard Business School, Anil Ambani son of Dhirubhai Ambani did his MBA from University of Pennsylvania. In most of the B-Schools there is an entrepreneur cell which funds good ideas or the cell helps to bring you in contact with great business man who can fund your ideas.


Diversity is one of the most important factors which B-schools keep in their mind while admitting their students. Because of this student of a B-school will come in contact with diverse population from whom he/she learns how to communicate in different environments. For example students may come in contact with people who worked in corporate offices, rural areas, public sector enterprises and also with people from different cultures.


Networking is one of the most important aspects which students learn from a B-school. In B-Schools students work in multiple committees such as placement committee, alumni committee etc which teaches networking. While working with placement committee students will contact HRs of multiple organizations and build their network. Similarly while working with Alumni committee students communicate with the alumni of their college who spread over the globe and build their network. Not only that after completion of 2 years all the students of the batch will split and pursue their career in multiple positions in multiple places. So a B-school is the best place in which students learn the importance of networking and develop their network


In B-Schools there are multiple sales projects organised by different companies from which students gain practical sales experience. For example in my B-School VGSOM Indian express organised sales project in which I myself participated and gained immense knowledge .I had come in contact with different types of customers and understood their needs .I also learnt how to approach a customer, how to impress them etc .

Written communication:

While working in different committees such as placement committee, alumni committee, and corporate media interactions students mail to several high profile persons in this course of action students horn their writing skills. Students will also learn how to impress others using your writing skills.


In summer internship every student has to work with industries/companies for 2 months in this tenure he/she will learn many aspects that help to manage and understand work politics. During this tenure students are competing with students from different b-schools for attaining pre placement offer. Competitive situation in work place will give students a rich experience in work politics

International Business:

There are many guest lecturers organised for students in B-schools. The guests are usually high profile managers who worked in different parts of the world .Listening to these lectures will enrich the student’s knowledge about global business scenario and operating environment. One may have worked in one country or two but each guest may come from different countries so students develop immense knowledge about global market and their operations


In B-school life as a student he/she needs to have high patience to meet the need of various professors, assignments, committees etc. For committee interviews one may need to wait for even 24 hours

As already said above MBA is an unique course that will give you practical knowledge when compared to other courses