My Experiences With ABG- TAPMI

India has always been a land of trade and very few organizations have a history that is linked to both evolution and contribution of the same. Aditya Birla group is one of those pristine organizations that has foresaw and sustained such dynamic changes from the year 1857. With a diverse portfolio in terms of business domains, I would like to particularly share my experiences with the various domains.
Being a 90’s kids we grew up watching Friends and many other sitcoms that reflected upon the lives of US citizens. Being from a tier-2 city malls and big fashion outlets were things we used to wonder about. But the realization and enchanting experience came when the first lifestyle store opened up in my native city. The whole concept of having a shiny complex dedicated to the display and sales of quality clothing was enthralling at that time. I visited the store with my family and can now recall those memories as happy childhood shopping memories. There is recollection of those memories every time I visit the store. With this experience, I have observed that some organisations become a integral part of our lives. With relationships comes responsibilities. Being an Indian company, I always take pride in ethical conduct of the organization. As a customer, I have never returned without getting a proper support.
As a business student, I was reflecting upon the various values inculcated in the organization that has led to forming of such beautiful customer relationships and the things I could point out on a broader perspective were innovation and customer centered  approach adopted by the organisation.