My first 2 months at SPJIMR!

There is a thing about latent abilities. You have to force them to come out. I have been at SP Jain, for two months now. I have become a better person today, than I was yesterday. But I might be committing a crime (at least in the annals of SPJIMR), if I weren’t to qualify that adjective with facts! So what exactly has Vismay Harani achieved in the two months that he has been at this college?

From a closed-room dancer to a performer in front of a live audience; a shy guy who kept his feelings hidden from the world, now extemporizing about the very same; a guy competing from his strengths rather than fumbling over his weaknesses; trying to understand the nuances of Bharat, while dreaming to take on India; multitasking and executing more activities/hour than he has done ever before – there is a reason why I am speaking in third person, that’s because I am a changed man!

But couldn’t that be said for any other B-school? I believe not. There is a difference between collaboration and cut-throat competition. We, at SP Jain, are firm believers in pulling everybody up and raising the bar. The Personal Growth Lab experience at Lonavala, Abhyudaya (mentoring of a bright sitara), the hands-on experiential learning that ADMAP offers us, the various clubs which encourage us to try out different things and improve our existing skill-sets in an engaging and inspiring format – each and every aspect of learning here is focused on bringing about our better selves.

The SPartans value their unique identities. We might merely be dashes and dots, smudges and strokes of colours, but as each of us brings our different perspective to the table, we add nuance to the painting, and hence that’s what makes us, collectively, a masterpiece!


Vismay Harani

Marketing Student at SPJIMR