My First Independence Day Celebration At IIM Bodhgaya

IIM Bodh Gaya celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day on August 15, 2018, with enthusiasm and zeal. The entire IIM Bodh Gaya fraternity – students, staff, CAO etc and their family members attended the function.

The event began with the unfurling of the Tri-Color by Director of Dr Vinita Sahay, IIM Bodh Gaya. This was followed by the National Anthem, which resonated with pride across the walls of the Institute


Dr Sahay was accompanied by her parents

She also enumerated how the value of Indian passport has increased reflecting the positive impact Indians have had during the last two decades. India has been blessed with “Demographic dividend” – young population averaging 35 years which has contributed to its fast economic growth – our population is our strength. The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan an initiative changed the way Indians looked at the cleanliness of public places. Earlier a small section of society was responsible for keeping India clean but as influential citizens of India became part of this initiative it has almost become a part of lives of every citizen to keep their neighbourhood clean.Dr. Sahay said that every one of has a duty which when performed well shows our patriotism for our country. The students of IIM BG have a responsibility of excelling in academics.

CAO Sir – Lt. Chacko reiterated the words of Dr Sahay and advised our young generation to work very hard for the betterment of our country, underlining how privileged we were to a part of an elite class of students. The students should use their skills and knowledge for the upliftment and betterment of society.Lt. Chacko was impressed with the definition of corruption which the students and Dr Sahay had come up with- Putting one’s interest before the interest of the nation. He said if a contractor uses malpractices to build a road so that he can send his child to a good private school then its corruption. He also related his army life to civilian life and also said he has started to recognise the contribution of each and every Indian citizen. He ended with the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ which resonated across the hearts of the audience.


The inspiring speech of Dr Sahay and Lt. Chacko was accompanied by a heartwarming performance by the students of Rudraksha. The students sang the song ‘Swagat Abhinandan’.The song cherished this auspicious day by welcoming all to be happy and sing about it in harmony.

No Independence Day is complete without the iconic ‘Vande Mataram’ song. The students of IIM BG sung in chorus ‘Vande Mataram’ as each one them felt the warmth and a sense of belongingness to this great country.


The celebration was ended with a play by the students.The play emphasised  the corruption and superstition which plagued our country. It was about a common man whose scooter is stolen and the various steps he takes to try and retrieve it. He first visits the police station where he comes across a corrupt inspector. The man refuses to pay money and goes next to a local politician. The politician asks him to give some money for party funds .Finally he goes to a baba who uses faith to extract money from the man.The play had a strong message of standing against corruption and superstition.



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