My Interview Experience At IIM Ahmedabad – Deeptam Tudu Saha’s Story

Though it has been one whole year since I joined IIM Ahmedabad, I thought it would be worth sharing my experience for those who might find it resourceful. I still remember the D-day, when I reached the venue, all suited up with an elegant Executive file to display the certificates. I entered the Hotel and saw the sign Board – “IIM Ahmedabad Interview” pointing towards a Hall room. As I entered, I saw my competitors, all suited up ready to impress the panelists with their charm and knowledge.

A person entered and announced the procedure that would be followed- First validation of certificates, then AWT and finally the Interview. After validation of the certificates, the students was divided into groups and each group was guided to different rooms were the AWT test would be held.

The topic was not what I had expected. It was a small case where we had to analyze the situation and give a recommendation. In total there were three question and the total time is given to us was 20 min.

Finally, after the AWT, the interview was scheduled. I was scheduled to Panel-3 which consisted of two professors. The person before me had entered the room, and I was anxiously waiting to watch the scenery outside. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that my turn had come. All of a sudden I heard my name, I turned and saw a person standing near the entrance of panel- 3 and calling out my name. I responded and entered the room, greeted both the panelist and with their permission sat down.

The Q/A session started with

Panelist: Did you talk with the previous guy and get any information about how the panelists are?

Me: No sir, I was standing and watching the outside (Totally shocked. Didn’t expect such an ice-breaker. I was expecting the traditionally question – Tell me something about yourself?)

Panelist: (Smiles and looks at each other) So, you have work-experience?

Me: I explained them my work and what I did over there, my responsibilities and all other stuff.

Panelist: So tell me how would you differentiate between a Stainless steel used in the industry and that of the stainless steel used for utensils?

Me: I explained their chemical composition and tried to impress them through my mechanical fundas.

Panelist: Explain it to me in layman language.

Me: I explained to them that pure Stainless steel used in industry has a dull silver look whereas the ones used at homes have a shiny look.

After this, the panelist asked some more questions regarding my work.

Panelist: Checks my application and asks me – Do you always write everything in short form? (Shows me my application and points out my college and school name which I had written in short form)

Me: Sir, due to lack of space I had to write them in short, but to be frank my frank my friends call me DTS at time (Deeptam Tudu Saha)

Panelist: (smiles and checks out my application) So you are interested in robotics.

Me: Explained them my interests and accomplishments.

Panelist: Can you build a robot that can take an interview instead of you?

Me: (That was way above what I had ever done. Though for a while and answered) Yes, I can but the interview would not exactly be given by the robot

Panelist: How?

Me: I will make a robot that will make the movements and attach a wireless communication system to it. The robot will make the gestures, and I would be communicating through the wireless system.

Panelist: Smiles

Panelist: So, do you know any important person with title ‘Saha.’

Me: (I tried to remember any important Saha, and none of the names were coming to my mind. I was totally jammed at that moment) I answered – Niprendra Nath Saha (this is a slip of tongue, and I was totally regretting what I said)

Panelist: Who is he? (Looking at each other)

Me: We have a school in his name in our locality.

Panelist: For So?

Me: Since he has a school in his name, he must be famous. (I totally regretted that I has said)

Both the Panelist laughs and looks at each other.

Me: Apologized and told them that I could not actually remember a name.

Panelist: Thank you and points me the toffees and ask me to take any.

Me : Thanks them I left the room.

On the Day of the declaration of the result, I checked the site , and yes I had become a WIMWIAN.

I later met the professors who took my interview – One of them had taught us and I asked him what they actually look in an interviewee. He told that we easily understand who is a fit for this place once they open their mouth. We just check how they handle the situation while they answer questions which are impossible, even though we know there is no solution for that question.


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