My Journey At #IIMintheNorth

As I’m on my way to join the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, I’m writing this piece to express how excited I’m to be a part of this institute. I had come to the Institute on the day of my registration but left the campus so after my registration was done as I had to complete my notice period at my company Infosys. As I move out of my comfort zone I look forward to the opportunities IIM Kashipur is going to provide me and embrace it.

Belonging to one of the southern states namely Tamilnadu, I had little or close to zero chance to interact with people from other states. IIM Kashipur also famously called the IIM in the north, has the right mix of students from all the corners of the country and students from various academic and working backgrounds. So the quality of peer interactions will get obviously richer and the exchange of ideas will be on a large scale.

On top of it, IIM Kashipur is strategically located in the state of Uttarakhand which is a hub to a plethora of industries. The heads of these industries will be able to reach the campus easily be it for giving a guest lecture or for a recruitment drive.

It is also really exciting to know that IIM Kashipur is really unique in the number of live projects it floats to its students. It acts as the perfect way to relate to the learnings we get in the classroom atmosphere. Eminent and an always approachable faculty makes it a lot easier for students to involve in discussions.

As future thought leaders of our country, it is an obligation for us to give back to the people of the country. The club ‘Parivartan’ does exactly that in understanding the ground reality of the people in and around Uttarakhand and creating awareness among the masses on myriad issues. Once we get to know the problems faced by the people, it can also sow the seeds for a startup idea which in turn is well nurtured and encouraged by the E-Cell of IIM Kashipur.

The infrastructure, the classroom learning atmosphere, the individual hostel rooms are also my main attractions in joining this coveted institute. In the era of globalization where people seamlessly move between countries, IIM Kashipur also provides the student exchange program where the student gets to spend a trimester in another country and to be a part of the classroom sessions there. All these opportunities if embraced will add a whole new dimension about my business knowledge and exposure. Further, the Ted-ex event at IIM Kashipur is a cynosure of all the events where eminent speakers come and share their knowledge with the students.

The academic rigour at IIM Kashipur is well coupled with the recreations activities. The sports committee, the light music at amphitheatre together take a little stress off our fast paced schedule.

The close by hill stations and the bike club make an IIM Kashipur the IIM to be a part of.


Which ABG company you would like to work for and why?

I would like to bag a general management role in Aditya Birla Financial services. The various units under financial services include insurance, mutual funds, finance etc. After getting an understand across functions in one business, I will be in a position to take responsibilities across the business in the Aditya Birla Financial services. One of the major reasons is that a general management role that not only formulates strategy but also executes the strategy. I will be in a position to take complete accountability for my decisions. The second reason is cross-functional, cross-business and cross-located assignments nature of the job. I can get my hands dirty in all the stages of a project and in turn become a well-rounded manager.

– Vivek Thiyagarajan

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur