My Journey To IIM Indore Mumbai – Pranav Agarwal’s Story

It was in 2012 that I graduated from NIT Warangal, one of the best engineering colleges in India. When I was placed at Oracle, a company that offered me a fat pay check, I thought I had achieved pretty much that I wanted. I had it all: a bachelor’s degree from an institute that engineering aspirants dream for, a job that most engineering graduates would envy. Working with Oracle for almost 19 months, I had this dilemma: should I go for an MBA or should I continue with my handsomely paying job. While a Masters degree would help me rocket my career, my job would continue to give me a soothing lifestyle in Bangalore.

Taking my career growth ladder as the utmost priority, I decided it was the time to take the Common Admission Test. With a healthy percentile of 98.9 and a good academic record, I was able to receive interview calls from some IIMs and IITs including IIM Indore Mumbai Campus.

Now was the time to start preparing for WAT and PI and so I did. It was tough for me to shell out time for it but I had made up my mind to crack the interviews. The PIs and WATs for all the colleges went fantastic. I converted the new IIMs. It was 8th of May, a day I would never forget, when I converted IIM Indore, Mumbai Campus. Converting this call was one of the best moments of my life. After NIT Warangal and Oracle, I now had another brand to be associated with: IIM Indore, PGP Mumbai.

I truly cherish every moment that I have spent on the campus. Be it interacting with students with a myriad of experiences and backgrounds, industry experts or the faculties of supreme cadres- it’s all an amazing learning experience. With a batch size of 75, everyone gets opportunities to participate in the class discussions. A small batch size helps the participants know each other better and learn from each others’ experiences.

Being in Mumbai, we have various live project offers that help us apply our knowledge in the real business situations. Moreover, we keep having informative guest lectures from time to time, another advantage of being in Mumbai. From classroom to industry, this place has a lot to offer. I am glad I chose IIM Indore, PGP Mumbai over the other IIMs that I had converted.



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Pranav Agarwal, an NIT Warangal graduate has worked for Oracle. He has a keen interest in sports, quant and analytical problems. A finance enthusiast, Pranav is going to Kedge Business School, France in term 5 as a part of the Student Exchange Program.

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