My Journey To IIM Raipur – PGP (CAT – 6th Trial)

I was sitting in a Theatre watching a movie and my phone rang. One of my friends told me about his CAT result. I decided not to check mine on the website because I don’t want to know my result as I don’t want failure 6th time.  This was my 6th trial; I was appearing for CAT since 2011 and never missed a single year.

So in my first two trials, I was not even closed to sectional cut off.  I really work hard in 2013 and managed to clear sectional cut off but the percentile were not enough to get a call from IIMS (Started job in Parma Company after my M.Pharm). In 2014 I was excited and thought that this year I will definitely Bell the CAT but along with job pressure it became difficult for me to concentrate, so again failure. Relatives starting saying that they were very happy with my results that I failed in the exam, (Relatives Laughing at me and said you should concentrate on your job and CAT is not for you). Parents indirectly forced me to not give CAT and try something else.

My fifth trial in 2015, again filled the CAT form, I left the job and started Blogging and managed to get decent payment from ads by writing articles. Now this time Parents and relatives were happy because I am now self-employed and was getting around 40k per month from my websites. But CAT ka kaeda abhi bhi kahi na kahi tha , This time managed to clear Two sectional cut off but got just 40% in English. Once again no call……Really disappointed with the result.

Someone said “Failure is the key to success“– Really, I doubt it. I already failed 5 times and ready to fail one more time.

2016 – This year, I focused on my blogging and filled the form just for the sake. Did not study whole year and 4 days remaining for exam, as I have to sit for 3 hrs so I checked my notes and try to go through basic formulas and short tricks. I don’t know all the answers in the exam, but from my past experience, I knew that which questions I should attend and which not to attend. I checked the fillers and some basic questions and attempted equal no. of questions in all the 3 sections.

Movie in the theatre was awesome and the day of exam result came. I don’t want to make my day sad again so thought not to check result on website. But these CAT people started sending text messages from last year. Got a text message and unfortunately, I checked my result on the text message.

This year, I have cleared all sectional cut off, I was very happy for the first time in last 6 years, percentiles were not enough to get  a call from Old IIMs but I might get a call from rest of IIMs.

Got a call from 9 IIMS, Interview went well, and on 20/05/2017 I got an offer letter from IIM Raipur and IIM Kashipur. Accepted offer letter of IIM Raipur.


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About the Author:

Hi, friends! I am Nitin Vasava and I have learned 3 Lessons in my life:


  • 1.       Failure is definitely a key to success; the only thing is that you take failure in what way.
  • 2.       Dare to Dream Big
  • 3.       Keep Patience – (Agar aap ko success aaj nahi milte hai to picture abhi baki hai mere dost.) God is always with you just Try and Try but never Cry.




WoW Nitin bhai Superb…! A well written story….Today I came to know that even MBA graduations from TOP colleges also have to face a setback…! Indeed a motivational piece..! What a patience…!!