My Journey To IIM Rohtak | Suman Agrawal, Class of 2020, IIM Rohtak

“It was good knowing you. All the best for your future!” the manager exclaimed as I handed over the headphones and the drawer keys. The day has come when I leave behind the organization where I made so many beautiful memories in the past two years. I had always dreamt of this day and had prepared my farewell speech a zillionth time. But today, when everyone had gathered to wish me luck, I was speechless. I had this strange feeling of a dream coming true. It is expected that you feel happy when your dreams come true, but I felt numb. I wanted neither to leave nor stay.

Packing my stuff, I remembered how it all started. Memories are terrific at a time travelling. During Engineering, I had realised that I need to do something else, but an MBA was never my plan. I joined the classes because I was on bench period for a couple of months and I wanted to do something. Things changed when I got into another project and saw my future ten years down the line at the same or similar place doing similar tasks. I cannot survive routine for years, and I always knew this. And this is the reason why around March 2017 I started taking my preparations seriously.

And that is when no/low confidence period started. Group studies with classmates soon turned into future prediction discussions. I remember studying with a friend in office during morning shifts and losing all hopes in ourselves over a couple of questions. Who knew that both of us would be taking admission this year itself!

But I know that this is just the beginning and the journey is not going to be easy. IIM Rohtak will open a pool of opportunities for me, and I am very enthusiastic about exploring more into the management world. The exposure in the first year will certainly enable me to understand my strengths and weakness in a better manner and will help me in making better decisions.

Closing my bag, I thought that I would soon figure out everything. I handed over some of my knowledge transfer notes to the guy who has come as my replacement in the project. I picked up my stuff, submitted my identity card and left with mixed feelings.

I remember my father saying “When you do one thing perfectly, all thousands of your fault stop mattering.”

I hope I can see that practically in two years.

Suman Agrawal

She is a batch of 2020 student at IIM Rohtak. She is interested in writing poetry and articles to share her experiences and owns a WordPress blog for the same.