Being the topper of my school, I always thought that I owe a responsibility to take the name of the school forward, to make my teachers proud and to serve as an inspiration to my juniors. After judging my abilities and areas of interest, I decided to go for MBA from a top b-school. But in today’s competitive world it is easier said than done. This was my third CAT/XAT attempt but in terms of serious preparation, the count of attempts is two. I appeared for CAT/XAT for the first time in the final year of my graduation. After not getting the desired results, I joined Infosys thinking that having work experience will increase my chances of getting admission in a top b-school. Two years later I decided to prepare again when there were just 5-6 months left for CAT but I found it difficult to take out enough time in which I can feel refreshed. The primary reason behind that was I didn’t like my job and I felt exhausted. This is when I thought that I have to make a choice whether I want to remain in a job which I hate and prepare half-heartedly for MBA exams or to take a risk and give my best shot. I chose the second option and started my preparation 4 months before CAT. Here are a few tips from my side:

1. DO YOGA: Start your day by doing yoga for 30 minutes to one hour. It makes you feel refreshed, energised and motivated. It is a way to stay both mentally as well as physically fit. My grandmother used to say if you are not healthy, everything is useless.

2. MAKE A SCHEDULE: Make and follow a schedule and try to stick to it. Give time to all subjects and not just one but make sure to give more time to the one you are weak at. If you have joined a coaching, complete your topics on a daily basis so that you are not left behind. A special note for those who are not avid reader: Don’t worry or get under stress, read newspaper (The Hindu) daily and practice RC as much as you can.

3. USE TIME WHILE TRAVELLING/WAITING: Those who complain that they spent a lot of time in travelling, please make use of that time. You can read a book or a newspaper and you can also download various apps in your mobile for practising Quants/VA. I had to travel in a metro for 1.5 hours daily. I completed 2-3 books of verbal ability by making use of that time.

4. GIVE AND ANALYZE MOCKS: Don’t skip mocks. Give at least 1 mock test in a week initially and as you go close to CAT increase the number to 2-3 a week. Most important thing is to analyse the mocks. If you are not analysing the mocks, you are wasting your time in giving them.

5. TAKE A BREAK: Go and enjoy with your friends or watch a movie or do whatever you like once in a week. This will break the monotony and make you more focused.

6. EXTRA TIP FOR XAT: After CAT exam most of the aspirants stop studying. I advise not to do that, instead study in a relaxed way, i.e., reduce the time you put in preparation for XAT. Give as many mock tests as you can and most important prepare the decision making section very well as it can get you good scores.

After doing the preparation and giving the various MBA exams, I got 95 percentile in CAT, 96.7 percentile in XAT (both BM and HRM call), 99 percentile in NMAT and 97.8 percentile in SNAP. I wanted to go for HRM program from XLRI Jamshedpur but what we want and what we get may not be same. The biggest mistake I did was that I underestimated the interview process and self-doubt crept into me. I didn’t prepare well for the interviews which I could have done. I converted NM and SCMHRD but got SORRY from XLRI Jamshedpur. It was like a nightmare for me that I could not be a part of such a prestigious college. Some days later I stopped thinking about it. And then to my surprise, I got a mail from XLRI that I am waitlisted. From that day onwards, I checked the wait list movement eagerly and finally, the day came when I got a mail again from XLRI saying CONGRATULATIONS. Today, I am so happy to write this while travelling to XLRI Jamshedpur. At last, I would say, All Is Well That Ends Well.


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