My Mahindra Diaries | Chapter 2 | Work Mode On – Arshdeep Kaur, SIBM Pune

After a well organised induction, we joined our respective sectors. I got posted at the Group Corporate Office with the GMC Team. I had already met my guide and buddy during the induction, as they took care of the entire process. After a fruitful discussion and expectation setting with both of them, it was now time to get down to business.

As a part of my first project, I had to do a lot of bench-marking which required me to talk to a lot of people and take multiple personal interviews. However, the most interesting part was using ‘Design Thinking’ as a tool while taking the interviews. The workshop which we attended during the induction really helped me a lot, as maximum portion of design thinking was covered in the same. Empathising was a real challenge in the beginning as in order to generate adequate results, you really have to go into the details of each statement a person makes and figure out how things he/she says differ from what he/she does/thinks/feels.

Since, it was a completely new approach to follow, my buddy sat with me in the initial few interviews so as to help me conduct it better. After taking my first few interviews, I used to report the progress to my guide and my buddy so that they could tell me if I was missing something. They were very helpful and always guided me in the right direction. I could go to them for clearing my doubts any number of times and they always welcomed me with a smile. My second project focused on career modelling for GMCs. I was very happy that I got a chance to work on something which will be applicable to all of us interns once we join the company. The deliverables, the bench-marking related to it and the impact my work would have on the entire Career Framework of GMCs was huge and I was thrilled by its relevance to the business.

The best part about these two weeks was that everyone was really helpful. I interviewed many senior employees who agreed for the interviews very easily and even helped me connect with more people I could talk to and provided useful suggestions with helped me progress in the right direction.

From being scared of missing out important points while taking interviews initially, to mastering the art of taking quality interviews even during cab rides to home, I think I have come long way :P. To sum it up, the whole experience has been very enriching. The learning that I got during these two weeks of internship is immense. With that, I look forward to more adventures and learning new things daily as I move on to chapter 3 of my summer internship with Mahindra. 🙂

Arshdeep Kaur

Arshdeep Kaur is pursuing her MBA in HR from SIBM Pune.