My Mahindra Diaries – Moving To A Higher Gear

Starting out with any project seems tough, but as you begin to understand the various facets of the task handed out to you, everything slowly starts falling into place. This has more or less been the journey for me so far at Mahindra, and I could not have asked for something more enriching. Figuratively, I’ve moved from gear one to gear two, things have caught on pace, and so has the learning.

Understanding the L&D department was one of my key focus areas, and it was made sure that I understand the finer nuances of what was being done, and more importantly, why it was being done.  It was heartening to see anyone whom I approached helping me out with whatever I asked for, and with utmost happiness. From helping me gather information my project required, to a friendly chat elaborating their views on a topic, they ensured they gave me time from their packed schedules. Helping is the culture at Mahindra, and everyone ensures they live by it.

My project entails interacting with people across companies, and understanding their practices, and this has given me a holistic understanding of how L&D interventions work, in general, and what organisations are doing to enhance their employee’s skills and prepare them for the workplace of the future. The project has been enriching thus far, and I hope to interact with more stakeholders, internal as well as external, to better understand the challenges faced, and identify potential ways of solving them.

The task which seemed very daunting in the beginning, seems more manageable by now, and every small step I make towards the final goal, fills me with a sense of accomplishment, and the feeling that I’m doing something meaningful for the organisation.

In the weeks to come, I hope to understand Mahindra better, and to interact with a lot more people, because one can never have too many perspectives, and each new conversation ends up giving a plethora of new options and ideas.

That’s all for now, do stay tuned to read more about my interactions and insights. Until next time. 🙂