My Mahindra Journal – About to End! – Noopur Lokare, IIM Bangalore

Here comes the summer internship almost to an end. Now, when everyone in so immersed in their projects; everyone has finally got the hang of what they are actually doing, its time to finish our work in style. There has been a drastic difference between my first week of internship and this day. Beginning as a learner, now I am able to move things to create a difference in this company. Long hours of exploring the industry has now become hectic hours of defining the solution I was here for.

By owning the project, I learnt to identify the right people to get the desired information, interact with the customers to get the insights and validate my idea, pitch my idea to the internal stakeholders, the team as well the clients. Coordinating among the layers of all the stakeholders involved was a complex job, but I was able to get the team on-board. Many of us faced the issue of collecting requisite data for their respective projects and this made us learn the importance of research, groundwork and to strategically use the information we have handy.

There were definitely days when I was stuck really bad and didn’t know what could fix this mind-block. But as soon as the clouds of my doubts cleared, I realized that getting things on your plate organized is the best solution. Although flexibility is expected of you, planning helps you long way to see a bigger picture of where you want to go.

This stint was a merry-go-round at the start but has become a roller coaster ride as it is nearing the end. Because admit it, it’s not a joke to finish your project satisfactorily and in style in just a period of two months. The biggest challenge is not impressing your peers, its to satisfy yourself. Believe it or not we expect a lot from ourselves and the journey is to cover this distance from our imagination to reality. And the corporate world never fails to bring you back to the ground and help you create a pragmatic difference. This was true in my case.

Amidst this bumpy ride one definitely needs a friend. And for me it was my fellow intern from IIM Calcutta (JOKA), Nayan Das. We both ate up each other’s ears with our stories and helped to keep each other sane. This journey has also improved my relation with the team as the people who were skeptical before to share the information with me are now helping me in whichever way possible to get my project finished. I don’t feel like an intern here anymore.

The final presentations are around the corner for every intern. Hope we all do great and get what we came here for. May the force be with us! 😉

Signing off until next time!

Noopur Lokare

Pursuing MBA from IIM Bangalore.