‘My professional experience largely contributed to my understanding of the concepts’ – MYRAcle, Davaluri Yasaswi

This  season we bring you the second part of our series “MYRAcles”. In this part we talk to the young talent at MYRA School of Business, Mysore and share some interesting experiences that they had at the school. This time we met Davuluri Yasaswi, a second year PGDM Student at MYRA. Yasaswi, a Mechanical Engineer has 3 years of experience in the domain of Market Research .

1) Tell us something about your academic journey.

I completed my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Chaitanaya Engineering College (affiliated to J.N.T.U.Kakinada). After my under graduation, I worked in the field of market research as a secondary market research analyst in two different companies for 3 years. After working for 3 years I wanted to continue my education in the management stream.

2) Was an MBA always a part of your academic agenda? How did this shift from engineering to management happen?

After working in the field of market research for some time I have realized that it was very important for me to pursue a formal management education to get an overview of how businesses, organizations and different organizational structures function. It all started with a search to answer questions like “How important was my role in the team, division or company?” or “How am I impacting the business?” or “How to understand the causes and effects in business?”.

I am fortunate to have had a very good boss who guided me to gain enough experience before doing an MBA so that I can relate my formal (theoretical) education to my experience and understand the concepts better.

3) Tell us more about your previous stints in the field of Market Research.

At Global Data I have worked as a researcher gathering information about clinical trials (sometimes especially pertaining to medical devices) to contribute to the repository.

At R. R. Donnelley & Sons Global Outsourcing (Indian office of R. R. Donnelley & Sons – A fortune 500 company) I have worked on secondary market research assignments cater to companies across industries and also worked in a back end  inventory management team for a retail giant in the US.

4) How did MYRA happen to you?

I happened to hear about MYRA from a consultancy, applied on my own and then visited the campus (after having paid an initial amount to one of the colleges under the Symbiosis brand). I liked the college so I chose to join MYRA.

5) Tell us something about summer internship. What was the most exciting part during these two months of industry interaction?

I have done my internship with a company called APKON Ventures Pvt Ltd (a construction company based in Tumkur, Karnataka). The company is one of our family run businesses (Adarsh P Bavikatte – My batch mate at MYRA PGDM). I have helped the company in streamlining the operations.

6) Did your technical background assist you anytime in these two years, be that industry interaction or during the course?

Yes, to an extent. My technical knowledge helped to quickly get a hang of work process during my internship. My professional experience largely contributed to my understanding of the concepts.

7) What do you like most about MYRA?

In my knowledge, MYRA is the only college which has  bridged the gap between students abilities and industry expectations/needs by getting faculty from around the world (with best knowledge mix of industry and academia).

MYRA has actually given us a lot of exposure to the  field of analytics and its importance in a business environment

8) Any advice for budding aspirants and your juniors at MYRA?

Advice to aspirants:

– I strongly suggest aspirants to work for some time in true corporate environment to gain experience and industry knowledge (ecology) before joining an MBA. It is the only way to understand concepts deeply (you will be able to relate it to your own experience eg:- Organizational Behavior)

Advice to juniors:

– I suggest them to read news papers and magazines nd learn how businesses around the world are running, technology is growing , business models are being developed etc. (eg: Economist). This is generally expected out of MBA students.  This is also important because businesses are pacing up and employers prefer students/ employees with smaller learning curves.

Everything about MYRA is available here – myra.insideiim.com

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