‘My strategy was to attempt all questions in LR and maximum in Quant’ – Ishan Arora on IIFT

This is the second LIVE Chat transcript this week. This is with IIFT Student Ishan Arora on IIFT Exam. Read the transcript to know more about IIFT entrance exam from a person who has been there and done that.


Gurleen Kaur any basic breakup for the GK preparation? for the last 2 days?

Ishan Arora  For last 2 days just prepare the standard static GK questions which come every year like country-capital-river-parliament-currency etc.


Surbhi garg any good links for this? Also does Quant has higher weightage?

Ishan Arora all of it is pretty basic stuff. Just google it. That’s what I did. Also Nobel prize winners and a bit on current affairs. Yes. Quants has a higher weigthage.

Surbhi garg How should we attempt? Start with Quant then DI and then English GK?

Ishan Arora Start with your strong areas. The sectional cut-offs are very low so maximise in your strength areas.


arun kumar Hi Ishan, can you give a glimpse of the student life at IIFT?

Ishan Arora  for glimpse of student life at IIFT read my blogs. It is very hectic at times and exhilarating at others. Definitely memorable.

arun kumar  Since the focus of IIFT curriculum is on international business, how does it help you in pursuing the domain which you are interested in? or is it more of a general management course?

Ishan Arora  With a focus on international business you will study courses like international marketing or international finance management etc. So it will give you a broader perspective.

arun kumar  In terms of exposure, is Kolkata campus at par with Delhi?

Ishan Arora  the difference, if any, is little


Shishir Agarwal Ishan,What was your strategy for attempting the exam one year back?

Ishan Arora  My strategy was to attempt all questions in LR and maximum in Quant and low in rest

Shishir Agarwal Can we expect IIFT to be a speed test?

Ishan Arora   It depends on how you define a speed test. The questions are not as difficult as CAT but there would be some tough ones in between.


Chetan Chopra I know it’s irrelevant but my cat didn’t go as expected n i feel dejected for the upcoming exams…any advice sir

Ishan Arora It happens with everyone. This is a completely different exam. I am sure you will do great. Tell me how it went.

Team InsideIIM  Ishan – Would you like to tell them about any special prep you did one day before the test? Especially since one day prior there is the prospect of CAT for a few students

Ishan Arora   The only important thing is to be calm and relaxed a day before the exam. If you want to study, just brush up the basics and if you have CAT then do not stress yourself and restrain from checking answers and feeling dejected.


Pratap Singh Rathore Can I attempt 2 RC’s and clear the sectional cut off for it

Ishan Arora  RC is only a sub-section so two RCs will do if you clear the cut-off for entire section. I also did two RCs


Ronit Varshney Can you suggest anything for GK. I gave 2013 IIFT paper, I secured 48.5, without doing any question in GK

Ishan Arora For last 2 days just prepare the standard static GK questions which come every year like country-capital-river-parliament-currency etc. there is only little you can do for GK in the remaining time


Suhas Kapur  Hi,can you please tell us the ideal order to go for sections? Should we leave DI and RC for last?

Ishan Arora DI is very calculation intensive so if you are not comfortable keep it for last and balance with quant. But RC for last can pose problem as IIFT has long passages in RC


Rohan Desai  Hi Ishan! I had cleared the written test last year but with only 50 marks. QA is my forte.. could you give some tips on enhancing my overall score?

Ishan Arora Attempt all questions in Quants and LR and devote rest of the time to clear cut-off in others.


Debopam Ghosh  Sir what is the cut off in GK section??

Ishan Arora  the cut-off in GK section is generally really low a calculated approach will help you clear it

Debopam Ghosh If I get 3-4 marks in GK (6-8 questions correct) shall I clear it?

Ishan Arora  yeah that shall be enough

Debopam Ghosh In all other sections can I assume 35% to be the cut-off?

Ishan Arora  yeah that will be safe to assume


Pratap Singh Rathore As you say focus on currency and country capital but there 190+ countries? How?

Ishan Arora  the question asked will be match the following so if you just give it a thorough read you will remember some to match correctly


Sankarshan Banerjee Can I expect common questions from mock test papers?

Ishan Arora  Yes, some questions can be repeated.


Suyash Bajpai Around what to score so as have good shot at selection for a general category?

Ishan Arora  I think it will be similar to past few years. Close to 50 for a short list. Around 60 for making it very easy for yourself.


Sparsh Goyal I have seen last year paper, I can’t figure out what exactly to study in GK apart from capital currency parliament  also I am not that good with english, so what is your take as in what should be the apt number for GEN engineer ?

Ishan Arora  Attempt most in Quants and LR to maximise. Apt number is same as around 50 for shortlist

Sparsh Goyal  ok! Also I have seen the last years cut off it says for GK its 1.6 on an average so that makes out to be 4-6 questions in this section will this do ? PS: nowhere IIFT says about its sectional cut off why so?

Ishan Arora  It explicitly mentioned in 2012 but you should never take that risk even if it mentions it or not.

Sparsh Goyal  ok! any last minute preparation tips for individual sections ? which is a must in your observation ?

Ishan Arora  just revise the basics and if poor results don’t affect you. Take a mock

Sparsh Goyal yeah one more thing i have heard that IIFT is majorly for experience holders, is this true ?

Ishan Arora  nothing of this sort at all.


Sankarshan Banerjee  My attempt in VA section is higher at the same time the accuracy level is low.How to approach VA sec. then?

Ishan Arora Try and attempt easy questions at first and be careful while attempting others.

Sankarshan Banerjee In case I am not able to clear cut-off in one particular section and clear in others,will I be rejected?

Ishan Arora  yes.


arun kumar  Does it mean that experience does not have a significant weightage in the selection process?

Ishan Arora  not significant at all


Sankarshan Banerjee  My performance in mock tests are not consistent.How much the performance in mock and actual test vary?

Ishan Arora It may vary but that doesn’t matter a lot if you learn from it. The actual will be a bit easier according to me


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All the best everyone. Get in touch if you have more queries.

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