My Summer Saga at Axis Bank, Mumbai

Mumbai, Mumbai, the city of dreams for many. Was it going to be an enriching summer for me, only time would tell?

My summer internship was at Axis Bank. I had an engineering background, and though I wanted to pursue Finance, I had no banking experience. But I soon realised that  critical thinking, analytical thinking and coordinating skills were most important. The domain knowledge and jargons one could master on the way.

I was assigned a mentor and a buddy. My project was on customer service analytics. I had to analyse the customer negative experiences from multiple touch points and also focus on the deliverables sent out by Axis to customers. From day one, I was given complete ownership of my project. My mentor gave me a general idea and thereafter I designed the scope and project plan after consulting with all the stakeholders involved. I interacted with 5 different teams for data collection and understanding. Also, I consulted the teams for whom my projects ‘output was meant for.

The work was challenging as the module was never analysed by any team before.

Analytics has a limitless scope and you can keep on trying out multiple possibilities, I had to streamline my thought process to focus on the deliverable.

Apart from the mind-stimulating work, I was delighted with my stay at Mumbai. I went for a trip to the amusement park, Imagica! with my classmates back from IIM L. I watched a play at “National Centre for the Performing Arts”, Mumbai  , chilled out at Nariman point, visited my relatives, ate lots of Natural ice-cream with my friends, went on a ferry ride at Gateway of India and went on innumerable strolls at marine drive.

While the relaxed and blissful stay helped me unwind. The intricacies of my project gradually cleared up, April flowed on to May and the data collection, cleaning and preparation proved to be an uphill struggle. Data dump I had, but to choose, filter out the correct data for my analysis was a daunting task. My teammates were really supportive, they guided me and answered my never-ending queries and doubts. The analysis involved usage of statistics and decision trees. I used to have brain storming sessions with my mentor to come up with a proper methodology to analyse the task at hand.

My work went on till the very last week and in the end I gave project presentations to a panel which comprised members from departments different from mine. It was challenging, they were not familiar with the project and so I explained the project end –to-end .Next I presented to the stakeholders, where we had a one hour discussion on the next steps.

All in all, it was definitely a learning experience, the things I learned were –critical analysis of objectives and processes, constant coordination and feedback with the teams for better solution. I got to sharpen my skills required for an Analytics project and any future project for that matter. The 9 weeks culminated with a farewell party and a great send-off.

Prachi Lal

IIM Lucknow