‘My X Factor Is My Ability To Work On The Ground And Deliver The Best Results’ – Vijay Satappa Magdum – Best 50 – Class of 2016

Vijay has been chosen as one of the top 50 most employable candidates across schools and programmes in India for the Class of 2016. He has one of the best 50 profiles among the candidates who participated in the Best50 competition.


About Me

The journey from a farmer’s family, in the small village named Ekondi, with weak educational and financial background, struggling and fighting with all the circumstances I made it to world-class IIM Indore. This journey taught me the lessons for the life. My management education was started the way before I made it to world class IIM Indore, only professors were the nature and circumstances.  I lived away from my family for 9 years, managed everything on my own and beat all the challenges successfully. Today this journey has become my biggest strength.

In-depth understanding of the Indian rural culture has become the key part of the business process and I could get it through experience. It differentiates me from the others.


Tell us about your non-academic activities and achievements

I am electrical and electronics engineer from NIT Nagpur.

At IIM Indore, I am the senior member of Jagriti event in IRIS-the annual management and cultural festival of IIM Indore. I am motivating rural students to pursue education and come into the flow of competitions. Prior to this, I was associated with organizations such as IIM A, IOCL, ALSTOM, and Customize Softech Ltd. for various projects and internships.

Apart from the scores and grades I have won various scholarships such as Maharashtra state scholarship, talent search state level scholarship, and physics Olympiad.  I could idealize and hence won business plan competitions on the national level. Prior to joining IIM Indore, I handled various PORs such as departmental technical secretary, campus representative for E-cell IIT-B, Organizer of E-summit in annual management festival of NIT Nagpur etc.

I am an active blogger. I love to write blogs and articles on LinkedIn as well as on vijaymagdum.wordpress.com .

Being born, brought up and educated in the in the village, I have gained in-depth insights about the Indian rural culture and the business potential that it has. At the same time, this has given me ability to adapt with different cultures (from rural to top business culture), gain a steep learning curve and competency to achieve goals.


What is your x-factor?

My X factor is my ability to work on the ground and deliver the best results. Being adaptive to surrounding helps me to perform better.

I have seen the wide bands of cultures and behaviors of the society from a small village to high-class corporate culture. My association with all these have been very close which made me adaptive, quick learner, and innovative ideator.

I have worked on certain ideas such as “Hub and spoke model” for e-commerce penetration in rural India, Go cashless to card-less.




What have you done in your life that you are the proudest of?

There are various things which make me and my parents proud. One of the most prideful things is my journey to IIM Indore.

Today, I made it to India’s top business school. This journey from a village school (Vidya Mandeer, Ekondi) to Indian Institute of Management, Indore have made my family, and society proud of me.

After getting selected to NIT Nagpur, I started motivating bright students from the rural background and making them aware of the better opportunities. At the same time, I am working towards improving the rural parent’s thoughts to educate their children well and promote higher education in the rural region.

I believe change is necessary. More than 65 percent of the Indian population is living in India but very fewer students are pursuing higher and quality education. This doesn’t mean there is no talent, it means they are not getting right guidance and infrastructure which leads to talent wastage.

Today, I can see some changes because of this activity. Students from the rural background around my village have started following the path and have started preparing for the exams. Few of them have already achieved success and landed into some of the best schools.

This work makes me proud of myself. When I see the smile of satisfaction on their faces, it makes me happy. As I will grow up in the corporate, I will increase the span of this activity. They have the ability to change the society.


If you were the Prime Minister of India, what would be the one problem that you would solve. Please explain your reasons.

If I were the Prime Minister of India I would solve the problem with the educational justice.

There is around 65 percent of Indian Population living in the villages. If we look at the proportion of the students in the topmost education institutions, there will be hardly any students with the rural background.

It is not like there is no talent in the rural area. There are hundreds of the students who gets more than 90% (I do not consider percentage is the measurement of the talent, but this is just to illustrate) but after 12th, they will be nowhere or will be engaged in their family business, agriculture.

This is the basic problem of our education system. It is not updated since ages. We are only concentrating on primary education and improving literacy rate. Meanwhile, we miss out on tapping top talent.

  1. Students are not even aware of the education options after standard 12th.
  2. Parents are not willing to send their child for higher education because of fund constraints
  3. Very less support for the bright students from the government especially fees of the colleges which are unbearable for them.

If one student from the village gets highly educated this leads to others following him. The single educated earning person from a family will start changing the village and hence the society. Other problems will be automatically will get eradicated.

And hence, I will update the education system to bring this talent up. The country will make progress on shoulders of this young talent.


Not only the education but every business sector has got the tremendous potential for the future in Indian rural markets. Every sector can see it’s fascinating growth through Indian rural population. The only thing we as the business leaders need to do is to identify bottlenecks, remove them and implement ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Business can improve the lifestyle of the people and hence the society will develop.


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