MYRA – “Agri-input Marketing in India” book launched by Shri.Manoj Rajan, IFS, Additional Secretary, Government of Karnataka


The Book “Agri-input Marketing in India”, authored by Dr.Venugopal Pingali, Professor of Marketing, XLRI and Mr. Ram Kaundinya, Professor of Strategy, MYRA School of Business and published by SAGE, was launched by MYRA School of Business on September 19, 2014, at the Athena Auditorium of the campus by Shri Manoj Rajan, IFS,  Additional Secretary (Market  Reforms), Government of Karnataka, in the presence of Chief Guest, Shri P S Vastrad, IAS,  Commissioner, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka.

The program began with a rendering of melodious invocation by MYRAcles Ms. Plavani and Mr. Kashish Vyas.   Prof. Shalini R UrsFounder & Chairperson of MYRA, in her welcome speech set the overarching context of the event by outlining the importance of agriculture sector.  While India has reasons cheer for having successfully heralded the Green Revolution since the mid sixties, the exploding population and increasing loss of agricultural land makes it obvious that it needs our attention.  MYRA School of Business with its mission of preparing business leaders and managers with a social consciousness is launching this book to sensitize students to consider agribusiness sector as a career choice.

Shri Manoj Rajan in his address very passionately and eloquently highlighted enormous stride made by the Karnataka Government in this sector of Agricultural marketing. Quoting the father of Green revolution, Dr. Swaminathan, he said agricultural development is defined by Monsoons and Market.  While Monsoon is not in our hands markets are.  Hence market reforms have played a key role in bringing about transformation.  Rashtriya e-Market Services Private Limited (ReMSL) — a joint venture company of the Government of Karnataka and the NCDEX Spot Exchange Limited, has set up the online markets and that has been the game changer. He cited the example of how in the district of Tiptur, the online trading helped triple the price of copra increasing from Rs. 6000 to 18,000 per quintal.

He talked about Agricultural Marketing Reforms Committee set up by the Government to study all aspects relating to the objectives of providing a barrier-free agricultural market system for the benefit of farmers and consumers and its report and recommendations along with a comprehensive road map and necessary interventions for undertaking the reforms in agricultural marketing in the State.

Having carefully considered the report and recommendations the same has been adopted as Karnataka Agricultural Marketing Policy, 2013.  The Government of Karnataka is embarking on an ambitious-reforms agenda for Agricultural Marketing through the implementation of this Policy; he shared this important information with the audience.

He urged the young management students to consider the Agri-Business sector as a career option that is well paying, challenging as well as satisfying.

The other important Senior Government official of the evening was Shri. Vastrad, IAS, till recently the Director, Department of Agricultural Marketing.  He spoke about the evolution of the Agri-Business sector and the government’s role in bringing about positive changes to the benefit of both farmers and consumers.  While historically “trust” played an important role in ensuring efficiency and fair play, today technology is brought in to ensure the same.

The authors of the book are two stalwarts, with vast experience in both academia and industry.  While Dr. Pingali Venugopal, Associate Director, XLRI, Centre for Global Management and Responsible Leadership, and Professor (Marketing), comes with more than three decades of significant research work in the Indian context, Mr. Ram Kaundinya, formerly Managing Director, Advanta India Ltd, and Chairman, Association of Biotech Led Enterprises – Agricultural Group (ABLE-AG), member of the Board of Directors of Axis Bank, comes with equal years of experience in the agrochemical & seed industries and banking sector.  Mr. Ram Kaundinya also holds a faculty position, and he teaches Strategy, to the students of the MYRA School of Business.

According to the authors the book is meant for policy makers, managers and business students. However, the book makes for an easy and interesting read and is accessible to all concerned citizens. Its 220 pages draw on data to show the long distance that India has traveled since Independence.  They begin by examining the evolution and impact of India’s agricultural policies. They move on to describe what India is doing today to get agri-inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and equipment to the farmers. They conclude by making suggestions to increase agricultural productivity in the future. This book is a must read for ordinary citizens who realize that food security is at risk in the foreseeable future.  The book is a heady combination of academic scholarship and field realities.

Prof. Rajiv Sinha, Dean, MYRA School of Business, in his valedictory address thanked the dignitaries and said that the talk by Shri Manoj Rajan was indeed electrifying.  The audience comprised of Trustees, Governing members, special invitees, faculty, staff and the students of the MYRA School of Business.


From left: Dr.Shalini Urs, Chairperson, MYRA School of Business, Shri.Manoj Rajan, IFS, Additional Secretary (Market  Reforms), Government of Karnataka, , Shri P S Vastrad, IAS,  Commissioner, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka, Mr.Ram Kaundinya, Professor of Strategy, MYRA School of Business, Dr.Venugopal Pingali, Professor of Marketing, XLRI and Dr.Rajiv Sinha, Dean, MYRA School of Business.


Dr.Shalini Urs welcomed the dignitaries and gathering

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