Who says MBA is only for one set of people? If MBA is the destination, then there are many roads to MBA! You could be a dancer, an event manager or a biomedical engineer and still do an MBA. In this video, we have three people from unique backgrounds pursuing management degrees from MYRA and breaking the stereotypes. You could be anyone, doing anything – from working in Kuwait’s scorching heat to putting in night shifts at Amazon’s offices, if you want to do an MBA, there’s a way. Watch the video to know how three people who had nothing in common chose to be a part of one common experience – an MBA from MYRA School of Business.



In this series of MYRA Musings, we have students and professors of MYRA, talking and musing over what makes MYRA a unique proposition for anyone considering an MBA, why choose MYRA, many routes that all lead to MYRA, some debates and an interesting story on how you can turn an idea into a business and be an entrepreneur that you were meant to be.

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