MYRA Musings – Why I Chose MYRA

Why do you choose a particular b-school? For the faculty? For the infrastructure? Or maybe for the unique approach of learning that the b-school provides?  Watch this video to know why these students chose MYRA School of Business to pursue their MBA. From an elaborate campus to a unique Immersion-Based Model of Learning, MYRA has it all! Watch these students talk about the moment when they finally became MBA students, their interview process, and more specifically – what made them choose MYRA School of Business.



In this series of MYRA Musings, we have students and professors of MYRA, talking and musing over what makes MYRA a unique proposition for anyone considering an MBA, why choose MYRA, many routes that all lead to MYRA, some debates and an interesting story on how you can turn an idea into a business and be an entrepreneur that you were meant to be.

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