All You Need To Know About Committees At MICA – Part 2

MICAns are what make MICA, but MICA is what makes MICAns. We take you deeper into life at MICA and introduce you to some more amazing committees.

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MICAMINDS (Research and Consultancy Cell, MICA)

MICAMINDS, is an industry- facing committee dedicated to bringing live projects on board. It ensures that the MICAn student community has a unique variety of live projects to work on throughout the academic year, with projects in domains like digital marketing, branding strategies, social media management, marketing, rebranding strategies, primary research, content development and so on. It also maintains a healthy industrial outreach and exposure, by on- boarding the likes of Uber, Cadbury, Yash Raj Films, Walmart and Reliance industries for live projects. 

As a junior committee member of MICAMINDS in 2016- 17 and the head of content management for MICAMINDS in 2017- 18, the experience has been wonderful and enriching. As a junior committee member, I learnt a great deal about project management, crisis management, client negotiations, budgeting, content development and social media management. In the second year, I headed content for MICAMINDS and gathered in-depth knowledge related to content generation, social media marketing, client servicing, tracking key outreach metrics and relationship management. The key takeaways from working for a research and consultancy cell in multiple capacities were how differently the same marketing strategies are applied for visibility, outreach and ultimately lead generation. I also picked up the nuances of working and coordinating with a team divided into several distinct verticals handling the various stages of a project. “

– Rishika | Content Management (2016-2018)


‎”MICAMINDS offers a lot of client-facing opportunities that completes the learning circle of any management student. It gives you the opportunity to understand how a business runs when you have to manage multiple stakeholders- students, clients and the college administration in this case. It tests you on various parameters – persistence, negotiation skills, patience, ethics and last but not least, people management. I have handled various projects as the Project Manager and have faced many delicate and critical situations when I had to act immediately and take a judicious decision.

With my stint at MICA coming to an end, I can proudly say that MICAMINDS has helped me evolve not just as a management student, but as an individual.”

– Nitika Satya | Project Management (2016-18)

“The committee gave me first-hand experience in interacting with clients and understanding their business problems. It also gave me a platform to understand the expectations of students from the live projects. Working with other members, who were equally committed to enhancing the quality of work done by the committee fostered my learning experience to a great extent.”

Alisha Singhal | Client Servicing (2017-18)



Studio7 MICA is everything Music. From being conceptualised as a facilitator of musical expression to now becoming a larger committee that pools in resources to provide experiential entertainment in and within the larger topography of Music. 

Studio7’s showcases provide a large array of unique sounds which encompass homegrown Indie artists of varying genres. Furthermore, it is pivotal in providing the MICA community and students a taste of sound from across the globe by sharing weekly updates on latest releases and select choice tracks for consumption. It tries and includes the MICA student body at every step of the way and hosts various informal events within the campus wherein anyone and everyone can participate regardless of them being adept musicians or not. 

Studio7 performs Artist Management, Event Curation and Execution, Programming and content creation for both online and offline mediums. It envisions great brand partnerships for its showcases and has also partnered with bodies outside of MICA such as Fangirl.LIVE for greater production value. 

As such Studio7 members are often sought to answer all your musical doubts, but when it comes to a live show, it makes sure that it creates value not only in the hearts and minds of our audiences but also add value to the brand that we represent – MICA. 

Personally, Studio7 allowed me to utilise my past experience and implement it in a space which facilitates responsible action towards our goals with the freedom to ideate, create, curate and so much more given the right motivation. A committee at MICA negotiates with a varied audience set which requires constant innovation for engagement; Studio7 being as active and grandiose in its work calls for more such output via constant collaboration. My two years at MICA are cherished thanks to Studio7.”

– Vedabrata Rao | Planning (2017-18)



Sankalp is the theatre society at MICA. It was founded in 1999 by two alumni, Sunil Vishnu K and Karthik Kumar. The society actively promotes theatre by organising an array of events. Every year the society is known to perform renowned work for its Annual Production such as Mahesh Dattani’s Dance Like A Man, Woody Allen’s Dearth and Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq. As a part of its campus activities, Sankalp organises events like ‘Khula Aasman’ that provide MICAns with an opportunity to write, direct and act. The symbol of what a collective of creative minds can achieve through the power of expression, Sankalp has been an integral part of the MICAn culture of creativity and storytelling. As a society entirely run by MICAns, it aims to continue going beyond entertainment and use theatre to speak of the issues important to the society at large.

“As a part of the Directors’ Guild, I got a hands-on experience of handling end-to-end execution of two stage plays. From finalising the script to casting and directing, Sankalp gave me some of my most cherished moments at MICA. We worked in teams, we discussed and deliberated, we solved conflicts and we came out with two successful productions. In the whole process, we learnt a lot while having so much fun. I was also responsible for the Media vertical, wherein we designed social media campaigns and made sure that we are reaching out to different stakeholders through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.”

– Harshit Sharma, SANKALP | Director’s Guild & Media (2017-18)

“Sankalp was the most beautiful part of my journey at MICA, I did not have a lot of experience with theatre and being a part of this committee has taught me so much.  My Co-director and I got the amazing opportunity to direct the Annual Production which is open for not just the student community but also for the city of Ahmedabad, from deciding on a play, taking auditions, deciding on props, lights, sound, this is one journey we undertook with great passion and commitment. After a long day of classes and assignments, rehearsing with a group of talented pool of people was the perfect ending to my day. The stage is a magical place where one discovers oneself by playing another person; and that’s exactly what it did for me.”

– Rhea Jain | Director’s Guild & Creatives (2017-18)



‘Sports Committee at MICA’ or as it is popularly known
‘SCAM’ keeps the sporting culture alive and kicking on campus. SCAM is influential in inculcating grit and passion among students through inter and intra collegiate tournaments held throughout the year. ‘SCAM’ works day in and day out to make sure that amidst the plethora of assignments, classes and rigorous academic schedules of an MBA college, the batch has access to the best sporting infrastructure, equipment and an event-extensive sports calendar for the year. Its flagship event SAMAR, witnesses an overwhelming participation from top-tier MBA schools cheered by close to a thousand supporters!

“My greatest learning from the committee was the kind of awareness that I was imparted by simply organizing the multiple sporting events. Prior to joining the team my knowledge regarding various sports and their aspects were quite limited. But thanks to delving into their nitty-gritty, I was able to further my understanding. The sheer scale and size of organizing SAMAR enabled me to develop a wide array of skills ranging my logistical requirements, to coordination between various stakeholders including teams, vendors and juniors.”

-Rishi Raj Rathore | SCAM (2017-18)



MICANVAS is the Annual Marketing Management Festival at MICA. It is a three-day extravaganza where some of the best minds in the country come to face-off in a case study and business plan competitions, white paper presentations, quizzes, debates and an eclectic mix of formal and informal events. Team MICANVAS is the organizing committee at MICA, whose sole responsibility is to make MICANVAS a raging success. The goal of the team is simple, to create an event that hopes to showcase the best that the world of marketing can offer. Teamwork is of utmost importance because MICANVAS is the largest committee on campus, at least in terms of size. The committee looks after every aspect of the fest, right from formal and informal events that will take place, all the way to the artists who perform on the last day. The committee works with other formal and informal committees to create the experience that is MICANVAS.

The scale of the event is what made it a challenge for each one of us in the team. For me personally, I learnt the importance of contingency plans, team dynamics and networking. Sometimes when Murphy’s law becomes your constant companion, proper planning and an incredible team to fall back on can make a world of difference!”

– Ashita Venugopalan | Events & CR (2017-18)

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