All You Need To Know About Committees At MICA


The student committee that organises the independent TEDx event every year during the month of February, TEDxMICA aims to leverage the famed TEDx platform to inspire the youth of today.  A roster of dynamic speakers who use the lessons they learnt from their respective achievements and failures to motivate future leaders into thinking out of the box and making the world a better place to live in. For 4 years now, TEDxMICA has managed to raise the bar every single year and make every event more successful than the last, unveiling a whole new world of possibilities that make it possible for us to dream just a little further.

“Through the roller coaster ride of the first year, a journey of ups and downs, one of the most exciting events was the committee elections. Right from the start, I was clear that I wanted to work with this one committee, which never compromises on standards, and ensures unique and classy deliverables, TEDxMICA. Right from brainstorming for the theme, through the journey of pitching through all possible contacts across industries for the best of speakers, to making and delivering the best creatives as a team, TEDxMICA has made me grow in different ways. Be it making posters, or shooting videos and promos, the learning has been immense, some things we learn only when we are there. Planning and organising things from scratch through crisis management, as a team, we’ve done it all. TEDxMICA 2018 was the best and we’ll set new standards the coming season!”

– Ranjit Menon

Creatives team, TEDxMICA


Alumni Engagement Committee (AEC)

Our alumni are our strongest community and this fact is proven every year where MICAns around the world gain a strong foothold in some of the best agencies and organisations in the world. As more and more students join the alumni community, our sense of belonging and connection only becomes deeper and The Alumni Engagement Committee only helps us make this relationship stronger. They do so by helping alumni interface with the administration and students through a series of homecomings, or reunions, held at the MICA campus thrice a year for three separate batches. Through a series of interactive sessions with the students as well as the faculty, they contribute to the development of the institute they once called home by sharing their valuable insights on how we can sharpen the MICAn edge with every incoming batch. They also complement other committees by helping them leverage a strong alumni foundation, while also maintaining an online portal for the Alumnus so they can connect with the institute at their convenience.

“The Alumni Engagement Committee at MICA takes care of the year-long engagement with the Alumni and I feel that Alumni are one of the most important stakeholders of any educational institution. Being a part of the Networking vertical, not only did I connect with the Alumni but also interacted with them about their experiences after MICA. In fact, speaking to these industry experts first hand also lets the students have some clarity as to what they want to pursue and work towards achieving their goals after their MBA.

Being a part of AEC made it possible for me to know MICA that was and MICAns that always will be. Apart from the immense learning and fun I had in working with the team, these stories of MICA coming directly from the people who’ve built MICA that it is now, makes this experience incredible and as a member of the AEC, I can proudly say that ‘There are some things that only we know, and some things that only we do’.”

– Gaurav Kumar

Networking team, AEC



One of the most unique aspects of MICA is our own student-run community radio, MICAVaani. A one-of-its-kind initiative, this endeavour began in the year 2005 and has both, literally and metaphorically, become the voice of MICA. It not only encompasses the student community here at MICA but also works to include the neighbouring village community in a 7 km radius. Their major focus has been on making a distinct impact on the lives of the people that inhabit these villages through efforts that focus on making a tangible difference in their lives both through personal interactions and community outreach programmes, thereby carrying forward MICA’s vision of believing in inclusive development through communication.

“Micavaani 90.4 FM, Tamara Bol Tamari Vani”

As the tagline says your words, your voice, we as a part of the committee make sure that you are heard. Be it the neighbouring villages or the MICAns themselves, everyone has something to say, something that no one has ever heard, something that can change lives.

The best part is you never know who is listening to you but that one message “Aaj ka show bahut acha laga thank you” makes each and every second spent in the studio worthwhile. Also, you are no less than a celebrity the moment you enter the villages “RJ Shivam! Aaye Hain” these people treat us like a family member and having seen things change for good I have realized that voices actually have power.”

– Shivam Sachdeva

Senior team, MICA Vaani



This committee was started as a teaching initiative by the final year students of the batch of 2010 and has now become an integral part of the institutions’ community outreach program. The social service, and now also the Societal marketing club at MICA, they began with nothing more than teaching workers at MICA’s canteen and mess to make sure that they make their contribution to the society around them. Gradually, as they realised that their efforts were making a difference and they could bring about a significant change, the scope of work was extended and by year-end they had achieved a huge amount of success in bringing about a difference in the lives of the people in the communities that surround the institution.

“With 19 committees, the campus life at MICA is extremely eventful throughout the year. I was fortunate enough to be a part of Jagriti during my first year. In the course of one year, our team organised several successful events like the Anand Mela-an event for underprivileged children, a blood donation drive with 100 donors and Muskaan-an event where we visited Prabhat Foundation, a home for differently abled children. These events made me realise how people who are not that fortunate are the most content and helpful while we who are blessed and have ample resources are always cribbing and never satisfied. Working for Jagriti has transformed me in multiple ways-it has taught me to act with sensitivity, care and responsibility and always contribute to the welfare of the society.”

– Arpita Choudhari

Junior team, Jagriti

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