Nestle – Interview Experience #5

Interview Experience Number 5, and that of a company which every true marketeer should want to get into. After all what better time than now to witness the resurrection of an iconic brand like Maggi.

So let’s see what was in store for this IIM Lucknow student in her Nestle interview experience.

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Interview Experience

Company Name: Nestle

Domain/Function: Sales & Marketing

Business School: IIM Lucknow

Actual Interview Experience: 1 round of GD with 5 participants & 2 rounds of PI

GD: 10 min discussion with summarization. There was a quick round of introduction before the GD and we were asked about our passions and interests along with our names.

Topic: Marketing Issue Based – Don’t remember the exact topic, but it was something on the lines of “Lowering of price points is damaging brand imagery”

Only 5-6 people were shortlisted for the PI rounds out of approximately 50-60 people who had been shortlisted for the GD round.


Round 1: Marketing & Industry based questions (40 minutes approx.)

Interviewer: Nescafe Brand Manager

  • Should brands be socially responsible? Your opinion on that. Any examples?
  • Favourite ad? Why?
  • Favourite brand? Why?
  • Why marketing?
  • What do you think about women leaders in today’s organizations? Has the corporate environment been conducive to their growth?
  • Some questions on devising promotional strategy.
  • Any questions? Asked about Maggi Oats Noodle product and discussed its positioning in the breakfast cereal space.

Round 2: HR (20 min approx.)

Interviewer: Campus Recruitment HR Manager

  • Make a 15-sec creative elevator pitch for yourself
  • Questions on specific extra-curricular activities-Dance, Photography
  • What would you be doing right now had you not gotten admission in IIML?
  • Engaged the interviewee with talk on foreign travel mentioned on CV
  • Any questions? Said that have already asked in the other interview.

Parts of the Interview you didn’t do well at: GD – I had interpreted the GD topic wrong, but started the GD and led it throughout. Put forth the points clearly and I was the only one to clear the GD round in the group.

Final Verdict: Offered

Anything else you may want to add:

  • Put up good arguments backed with logic.
  • They respect opinions that can be justified with sound reasons. Both the interviews’ questions were very opinion-centric and personality-testing. Show some depth of personality & character.


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