Nestle’s Unusual New Strategy To Introduce Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss

Nestle to cash in on the rising demand for ‘natural’ products has introduced Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, a naturally flavored dairy creamer. But the market is crowded with brands making this claim.

To stand out in this crowded market, Nestle has chosen an unusual but exciting strategic path. It decided to get models dressed ‘naturally’ to serve coffee made using Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss to customers. The strategic intent being to own ‘natural’ in customers mind vis-a-vis Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss.

These ‘naturally’ dressed model’s body was painted with body paints. And to amaze customers even more they got models with ‘body paint’ to sit among them sipping coffee, you guessed it right, made from Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss.

The Video (referenced below) has an interesting beginning. It starts off by posing a question to the viewer, ‘How would you react if your typical morning coffee was anything but?” And to set the mood for things to come, the ‘but’ gets added with another ‘t’ reading ‘butt’.


By the way, Nestle is not the 1st company to follow the ‘body paint’ strategy to get customers to notice their brand. Air New Zealand had already used this strategy for broadcasting the safety instruction aboard its aircraft – a boring communication. To make it exciting they had aircraft crew members – air hostess, pilots in ‘body paint’ to share the safety instructions. Needless to say guests were glued on to the screen!