The New Equation At IIM Trichy

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy” – Albus Dumbledore

The path I chose to be where I am right now was definitely not the easy one but it sure has been absolutely right.

My story is that of a hundred thousand others who quit their 9 to 5 soul-sucking job in search of something more profound without really figuring out what it is. While being constantly bombarded with questions about on-site travel and pictures of strange men thrown at me for approval, I received my admit from IIM Trichy. Needless to say, I packed my bags and came here to find another purpose.

It’s been a year since that day and I do not exaggerate when I say that it has been the best time of my life so far. I owe it to this place and people for lifting me up from a pit of chaos and giving me a new equation to solve. Of the countless reasons, if I could pick out my most precious, they would be

1. My Peers: The kind hearted ones, the arrogant ones, the wise ones, the eccentric ones, they all played a part in who I am right now. They moulded me to be more brave, to have more empathy, to face my fears, to accept people for who they are but also to learn to say no when I should.

2. The Deadlines: Life here revolves around 59:59 and is reset at 00:00. What you do in between is not just business study, it’s focus oriented, passion driven, team spirited learning for life. There is no room for procrastination and in a world of comfortable beds in an AC room, you learn to wake right up when the clock strikes.

3. The Professors: The parental and inspirational figures in our home away from home. To have endless knowledge and to stay grounded and humble is an art most of humankind hasn’t mastered. Every class concludes with your intellect sharpened, your passion enhanced and your curiosity broadened.

4. My chosen family: And finally there is the family you choose for yourself in this fascinating place. There is the friend you go to when you are sick, there is the friend you go to when you want to play chess, there is the friend you go to when you feel low, there is the friend who is going to be your best teacher/friend/family and sometimes if you are lucky, all of them could be the same person.

As Little Finger rightly put “Chaos isn’t a pit. It’s a ladder. The Climb is all there is.” This place taught me that a book or two and a shoulder to cry on is enough to climb the ladder and achieve your newfound dreams.

Which ABG Company Do I Want To Work For And Why?

The Aditya Birla group with its history of around 161 years resonates eminence in its sheer ubiquity. It’s presence albeit universal might even be unknown to the people it’s adding value to. In this majestic house of brands, the one where I can put my skill set to the best use is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail. The big names like Louise Philippe, Vanhuesan, Allen Solly, Forever 21 and many more target sophistication and modernity, compete against each other and still remain prominent. As a marketing enthusiast, am intrigued by how the group has mastered the intersections of this complex Venn diagram and as someone who loves
fashion, working under this branch of the reputed conglomerate would be a dream come true.

This article is written by Sri Krithika A – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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