A New Life – MDI

The most memorable experience I had in MDI was the elections for choosing class representatives. I was one of the four persons who contested the elections. Also, I was the last person to join the race. This was because I was not sure as to whether I will be able to manage the responsibilities of the class representative and my academics together. However, I was motivated by my senior who had held the same position in the previous year. She mentioned that even though there were certain challenges but at the same time the tasks involved makes a person ready for a management position because it involves usage of managerial communication and soft skills. It is a position which requires an application and acquiring of various skills such as time management, attentiveness, availability and accessibility. Her guidance cleared all my doubts and affirmed my stance of contesting. Also, I realised that it was an opportunity to be a part of the most integrated network of our college. That is, the network of students formed by the Student Committee, the Placement Cell and rest of the batch. The job also requires facilitation of communication between the students, the Administrative Office and professors.

Since, I was the last to enter the race my position was disadvantageous. I had limited time to campaign and create a voter base. However, I was affirmative with my agendas. I wanted to facilitate, coordinate and execute. One of my agenda was to organise study groups for subjects like accountancy and economics. Also, I wanted to increase class participation of every student by making them feel included. However strong my agendas were, another suitable candidate won. It turned out that he gained because he was the first to start campaigning and got enough time to get a good number on board.

Campaigning for the elections and formulating agendas which were followed by a final result, gave me an opportunity to introspect about my strengths and areas of improvement. I realised that while I was confident and optimistic, I lacked effective planning and persuasion skills. If I would have started campaigning initially then I would have benefitted from first mover advantage. Also, even though my agendas were appreciated, they couldn’t sell themselves and required marketing. These learnings which I gained in the very first month of MDI will help me throughout my corporate journey.

I aspire to work at the Aditya Birla Group not only because of its prestigious name and global presence but also because it has been regarded as the best employer in India (2018) for the third time in 7 years. This is an important factor because I believe employee satisfaction in the key to productivity. Within the group, the company I would like to work for is Aditya Birla Capital (ABC). As an economics graduate, I have always been interested in finance and my key interest areas include asset/portfolio management. I resonate with ABC’s mission of providing investing solutions that enable individuals to realize their aspirations by making their money work for them. This is because I too believe that money’s worth is more than just a fixed deposit. If invested in the right direction, money can have tangible impact on the entire economy. Investment is a stimulus to growth and I want to a part of a great organisation channelizing it.